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Coffin Comics Brian Pulido Presents “Fear Fest”

The Press Release:
Under the banner of his new publishing company Coffin Comics, Brian Pulido, the founder of Chaos! Comics and the creator of iconic comic book characters Lady Death and Evil Ernie, announced “Fiend Fest”, coming February 22 – 24, 2019 at the Phoenix Marriot in Mesa, AZ.

“Fiend Fest” (“Fiends” are what Pulido lovingly calls his fans) is not your average comic book convention. Fans of Brian Pulido, Coffin Comics or fans of independent comic book publishing will have an all-access experience of a working comic book publishing company, its staff and creators in this interactive event.

With a $40.00 weekend pass, attendees will receive a collectible Holo-Foil ticket, an exclusive Fiend Fest Edition comic, and a pre-order opportunity for many of the Festival only comics and merchandise. But that is only the beginning.

Creator Guests include Pulido, original Chaos! Comics colorist Jason Jensen, Zombie Tramp Creator Dan Mendoza and many more. Guests will mingle and party with attendees all weekend long.

Attendees can schedule a guided tour of nearby Coffin Comics headquarters (HQ) on Feb. 23 or Feb. 24 and see The Pulido Archive, the War Room, Coffin Comics Shop and other never before seen areas. (Shuttle transportation provided.)

Also never before LIVE comic book creation events will be performed at “Fiend Fest” such as “Instant Jewel Editions” where a jeweler will create jeweled comics “live and in person”. Along with “Instant Metal Editions” where real METAL comic book covers will be created on demand and also the much anticipated “Instant Edition” where a comic book cover is drawn on the spot, then colored and finally printed and returned by the end of the con.

But that’s not all – “Fiend Fest” will also include artist commissions, comic book grading, a trading post (designated area for fans to buy / sell / trade with each other), panel discussions, a Friday night launch party mixer & a Saturday night blow out party. And much more!

“We are pouring our souls into this event,” says Pulido. “But this is it. I’m not planning another Fiend Fest. But it is Lady Death’s 25th anniversary and I wanna celebrate with the fiends, so come on down and have some fun with us!”

About Coffin Comics:
Coffin Comics is an independent publishing company, founded in September 2007 by Chaos! Comics founder and Lady Death creator, Brian Pulido. Coffin is dedicated to rock-n-roll inspired, supernatural tales and continues to craft authentically rare, limited edition comic books and assorted items for the discerning collector.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: My more tenured readers know full well about not only our yearly attendance to the massive NY Comic Con but also some of the smaller and still impacting events like the Big Apple Comic Con, WinterCon and the AnimeNYC event so I think that this is a cool idea. Sadly, we are all the way over in NYC and getting to AZ for a convention is a little difficult on a small budget so you readers in the vicinity will have to fill us in on the mayhem. That’s all I have to say about this news since its been a busy week here at the Metal Media Command HQ but you can let me know what you think down in the comments section below.

Official Website: http://www.LadyDeathUniverse.com