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Check Out The Trailer For “Kittie”; A 20th Anniversary Documentary

Logo - Kittie

I’ve been hearing about this documentary for a number of months now and I am excited to share the press release and the trailer for said film with you all. The documentary gives us a keen look inside the beginnings, the middle and the now in the lives of the Canadian Metal band KITTIE. Check out the trailer below and then you can absorb the press release.

The Press Release:


NEW YORK – Canadian metal act KITTIE will debut a career spanning documentary to be released next year. The trailer for the epic will premier Friday September 25, 2015 at 9pm in London, Ontario, Canada at the historic Hyland Cinema (240 Wharncliffe Rd S, London, ON N6J 2L4, Canada) in conjunction with the Canadian Premiere of “Nintendo Quest: The Most Unofficial and Unauthorized Nintendo Documentary Ever!” in part with the London Comic Con Convention. The trailer will appear online after the screening on the band’s Facebook page.
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“Spit” (remaster) by Kittie

Artist: Kittie
Title: “Spit” (remaster)
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Release Date: 12/13/2008
Genre: Alt-Metal/Nu-Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

For the all female Alternative Metal band from Canada it begins here and this is the place that the world at large got their first listen to some Kittie. Their name gave the impression that they were something soft and demure but when you first start playing the debut “Spit”, you best be prepared for the venomous outrage that the girls were delivering in its tracks. All female groups were not something new to Hard Rock by this time and in 1999 had been preceded by the likes of Vixen and Girlschool but while the first band was very Glam oriented and the latter more traditionally based, the girls in Kittie delivered the angst and pain that women of the day were experiencing. To be honest I didn’t like the band at my first go with them back in the day and Nu-Metal was something I would have preferred to had gone away instead of continuing to prosper but in looking back at the release some ten years after its birth have found levels of appreciation in the way that sisters Morgan and Mercedes Lander had chosen to dole out their Metal. At first listen it’s hard to realize how the songs are proclaiming a strong feministic independence but you do easily notice how the girls are not ones who seem willing to take shit from anyone. Songs like “Brackish”, “Paperdoll” and “Charlotte” are the clear winners here and still often performed in concert today when they do their tours. These are among my own favorites even though “Get Off” and “Do You Think I’m A Whore” are good too. There are some tastes of the whole Rap influence in some of the lyrical flow on a couple of the tunes but that was how Nu-Metal was forming around this time. The band didn’t maintain this process which I am happy to report and instead focused on keeping the riffs and drum parts heavy. Musically the girls do pretty good and at the time of this albums release singer Morgan was only seventeen. She sings in both a clean and growling voice across the whole of the albums tracks and shows that her melodic side is pretty nice while her growls will make one realize she means business.
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“Spit In Your Eye” (re-release) by Kittie

Artist: Kittie
Title: “Spit In Your Eye” (re-release)
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Release Date: 10/8/2002 (original release date)
Genre: Nu-Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Kittie fans of the world will be happy campers as those fine folks over at Metal Mind Productions deliver the entire back catalog of the all girl Nu-Metal group for them to enjoy and to up the ante just a little bit more they have even made sure to toss in their first ever DVD “Spit In Your Eye” for good measure and this film is the topic of our review. The film was originally released on the bands previous label Artemis Records in 2002 and since that label has ceased function this is a great chance to get superb editions of these all of these albums in limited edition formats which include some bonus content. It’s also a great way to give some added support to a company that is all about presenting the world high quality Metal releases. As far as this video goes, when one watches “Spit In Your Eye”, you might have thought this to be a release that merely presented the bands promotional films of the time but instead we get nine tracks of live footage that all come from the bands debut release “Spit”. The footage comes from a series of shows that were recorded during their tours in 2000, and in looking at it I can say that this footage is really essential stuff for the bands hard core following and maybe even would be found interesting to those who hold some morbid curiosity as to what they are all about. Historically, whether you appreciated the band or not, there were many moments where these girls broke ground that was not easily broken and managed to stand tall in an industry that was much more male dominated than we find it being today. When this film was initially released I can admit to not being a Nu-Metal fan at all, but over time learned to appreciate those who set some of the standards and helped morph the Metal genre in their own unique fashion like the girls in Kittie were able to.
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