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Presenting The 2nd Annual Drumeo “Drummer Of The Year” Awards Winners

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Last month I shared the nominations for the 2nd Annual Drumeo “Drummer Of The Year” Awards and in that post I mentioned that I had not heard of it before publishing that post. I also pointed out that a wide variety of awards show rundowns are shared over on “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” since that lets me post a wider variety of them. Now we are back on the Drumeo topic as they just recently revealed the winners in a streamed video on YouTube so if you scroll on down below you will see all of the winners of the awards as well as those honored with some special legacy awards. The streaming cermony was hosted by Jared Falk and Dave Atkinson and a few others. Here now are your winners for “Drummer Of The Year”.

Drummer Of The Year:
Mark Guiliana
WINNER – Chad Smith
Benny Greb
Steve Smith
Todd Sucherman

Rock Drummer Of The Year:
Ray Luzier
Daniel Fang
Josh Freese
WINNER – Travis Barker
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“I Am The Enemy” (Single) by Sepultura

Artist: Sepultura
Title: “I Am The Enemy” (Single)
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 11/10/2016
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 3/5

Before I even begin with this quick single overview I need to be honest with you readers and state that I never really followed anything that involved the band Sepultura. Yeah I know some of the tunes that are referred to as the “classics” and have seen the band once or twice over the years and while I liked what I heard I never truly kept up on them. With that said I was interested in hearing the brand new single from the bands forthcoming Nuclear Blast Records release “Machine Messiah” which is due out in January. The tune unveiled is called “I Am The Enemy” and here’s my take on it.
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