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PiercingMetal Is Eight Years Old Today (4/4/2013)

Whew. Is it here already? Well I guess that it is my friends because today was the day eight years ago that I unleashed PiercingMetal.com onto the general Metal populace of the realm and what an exciting time it has been so far. I’ll have to admit that I’ve started off my music scribe year by doing mostly blog postings based on the amount of “different stuff” for me to get into your line of site but not to worry I will be returning to conventional review practices in the coming weeks to sate that side of your musical hunger. New readers might wonder what we are up to and with the blogs, regional event calendar updates en masse and now the regular calling in to The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show, I’ve been a bit consumed and holding back from traditional review. Stay tuned though because I have a few dozen surprises to get to you as I mentioned. Now let’s enjoy some visuals of eight. Since its a birthday in some sense, a candle was very appropriate.


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