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Presenting The Drumeo “Drummer Of The Year” Awards Nominations For 2022

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Readers of “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” website know full well that I like to post a wide number of award shows over there and feature both the nominations and winners list when the time comes for the big ceremony and reveals. Every so often this applies to the PiercingMetal side of the fence as well. This is usually relegated to the geekier side of things with Comic Book Industry or Anime Awards and believe me I love that stuff so say geeky with absolute pride. The website Drumeo was very new to me but when I learned that they held an awards ceremony for drummers I knew that I had to include it as one of the features here on the website. Though not active these days, I am a drummer and still get the impulse to play when time and the means allows so this was a fun one for me to include. Let’s take a look at the nominations.

Drummer Of The Year: This award will go to a drummer who checked all the boxes with recording projects, live/video events, online presence, and all-around excellence in their contributions to music.

Mark Guiliana
Chad Smith
Benny Greb
Steve Smith
Todd Sucherman
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