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John Varvatos Is KISS’n Madison Avenue

Are you feeling fashionable? Well then please read on.

Logo - John Varvatos

Perhaps you readers remember about a month ago when I shared some photos of the windows at the John Varvatos SOHO location based on their featuring several images from a shoot done in Brooklyn for their Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign that featured Rock music icons and perhaps my very favorite group of all – KISS. If not, I will refresh your visual memory at the close of this narrative. That said, the other day I learned of and adventured uptown to 765 Madison Avenue in NYC where Mr. Varvatos had recently opened up a new store and featured our favorite masked men in mannequin form in the main window. Clearly our boys were “Dressed To Kill” (insert snare drum here).

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A Glimpse of KISS & John Varvatos’ SOHO Windows

Logo - John Varvatos

A few months ago a rather odd text hit my Droid phone wondering “how fast could I get to Williamsburg because KISS was doing a photo shoot right outside in the street”. As I read this I quietly screamed a little scream because sadly the powers of teleportation have never been something that I was all that good at so I would clearly have to miss out. Some quick research would find me learning that KISS was dressed in suits and doing a photo shoot for designer John Varvatos and getting some dramatic DUMBO visuals in the background. This seemed a great setting and of course there are few Hard Rock fans that don’t remember how the original KISS lineup presented themselves in this fashion on the cover of their “Dressed To Kill” album. The KISS photo shoot was for the designers summer 2014 campaign and one of the shots is below and was taken from the Varvatos official website. Needless to say Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer all look seriously boss in these designs.


Now while I realize this is not exactly “new” news, the reason for my even posting was based on my being near the SOHO Varvatos store where KISS has been dominating their front window displays for about a week. They actually unveiled these displays on the 40th Anniversary of the bands first gig in Queens. Since I was down in the area for a photographic exhibition of The Beatles I just had to swing by the store and snag some images for our Official PiercingMetal Blog. I’ve mentioned MANY times about my level of KISS fanboyishness so it made sense. Dig in.


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“Dressed To Kill” (remaster) by KISS

Artist: KISS
Title: “Dressed To Kill” (remaster)
Label: Mercury/Universal
Release Date: 7/15/1997
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 8/10

The third album by KISS would be the one that found the band in desperate need of a hit. Their shows were consistent sellouts by this point in 1975 but despite this fact – the albums were not selling well at all. “KISS” and “Hotter Than Hell” showed people what KISS was all about but for some reason the world at large was still unaware and the sales showed this in black and white. “Dressed To Kill” would be a finely polished Rock recording with tunes such as “C’mon And Love Me” and “Room Service” but the group would find this single with the albums closer. After giving you some catchy numbers, it would lay you out with the coupe-de-grace. It was a song that would become the Anthem that would define the band and it has stood strong in the world of music for decades; the song was “Rock And Roll All Nite”. The track itself seemed simple and its lyrical content was right to the point about their life and desires as they aimed for world domination. There was a high level of appeal in the driving beat of the song but its chorus would especially be memorable based on its easy to sing-along with composition. This track would become the signature track for KISS and the soon to be recorded “Alive” release would set the world on its ear and make KISS a household name. Other songs of note are “Rock Bottom” with its amazing and calm intro before a bombast of Rock power and “She” which has some ripping guitar work and primal drive to it. This is a recommended release more so than “Hotter Than Hell” in my KISS book.
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