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Marvel Announces “Marvel ’97” Variant Covers For February 2024

The Press Release:
The ‘90s are back! In celebration of Marvel Studios’ X-Men ’97, a follow-up to the classic nineties X-Men: The Animated Series coming soon to Disney+, Marvel’s hottest artists are showing their love for the decade in new “MARVEL ’97” VARIANT COVERS.

On sale throughout February, these new covers capture the essence of this blockbuster era by depicting your favorite heroes in their iconic ‘90s looks, reuniting ‘90s lineups, and paying homage to memorable ‘90s covers. It’s an stellar journey through the decade that transformed the comic book industry and it’s just the start of a slew of upcoming X-Men ’97 related Marvel Comics announcements! Check out 20 “MARVEL 97” VARIANT COVERS today and stay tuned for more to be revealed in the months ahead. For more information, visit Marvel.com.

On Sale 2/7:
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Marvel Reveals “Wolverine Wolverine Wolverine” Variant Covers For January 2024

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The Press Release:
Next year marks 50 years of Wolverine being the best there is and Marvel Comics will proudly celebrate its most ferocious hero in various ways including new series like the recently announced Wolverine: Madripoor Knights, special reprints, and a new variant cover program!

Launching in January, the WOLVERINE WOLVERINE WOLVERINE VARIANT COVERS sees Logan take over the most iconic covers in Marvel Comics history, filling in as each and every character along the way! The covers gave artists the chance to spotlight their favorite Wolverine costumes, identities, and alternate versions, and also feature other members of the “Snikt Family.” It’s the perfect way to celebrate one of Marvel’s most ubiquitous and storied heroes and proves that there’s no such thing as too much Wolverine!

Check out 15 WOLVERINE WOLVERINE WOLVERINE COVERS now and stay tuned for the rest to be revealed in the months ahead. For more information, visit Marvel.com.
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Marvel Reveals “Spider-Verse” Variant Covers For May

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The Press Release:
Announced earlier today, readers will take another unpredictable trip across the Spider-Verse in a new launch of EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE! In addition to meeting new Spider-heroes and catching up with favorites in this new collection of bold stories, Marvel fans will also be introduced to a host of fresh webheads in a new line of SPIDER-VERSE VARIANT COVERS!

Celebrating all things SPIDER-VERSE, the industry’s hottest artists have reimagined Marvel’s most popular heroes as web-swinging Spider-Heroes! Enter alternate realities where Captain Marvel, Storm, Thor, Deadpool, even the Beyonder, were bitten by that fateful radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. See these astounding artistic visions and spectacular new spider-suits on the covers of your favorite Marvel titles all throughout May.
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Marvel Announces “Doctor Strange” Series For March 2023

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The Press Release:
Jed MacKay’s acclaimed work on the Doctor Strange mythos has captivated readers over the past year, and this March, a thrilling new chapter begins. Spinning out of the character’s terrifying demise in Death of Doctor Strange and Clea’s time as Sorcerer Supreme in Strange comes an all-new ongoing series for Stephen Strange where he’ll resume his duties as Marvel’s Master of the Mystic Arts!

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“Doctor Strange” #1

This time around, MacKay will be joined by superstar artist Pasqual Ferry, known for his stylish work on recent titles like Namor: Conquered Shores and Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow. These two talents have devised a grand plan for Doctor Strange centered around a shocking mystery that strikes at the very heart of Strange’s legacy and purpose. The journey that follows will harken back to the iconic hero’s psychedelic and otherworldly storytelling, taking readers to places only Strange would dare to go and introducing enemies only he could hope to defeat, including a brand-new threat that Strange shares a personal connection with. In honor of this new saga, Doctor Strange will be donning a revamped costume designed by the legendary Alex Ross, who will also be gracing the series with breathtaking covers!
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Marvel Studios “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness” Official Trailer

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While a large portion of the general public are tuned into Super Bowl LVI aka “The Big Game”, I am once again adopting my practice of casually watching the proceedings while being more focused on the commercials and more importantly, the movie and television trailers that are premiering. One such trailer I was excited for was the Official Trailer for Marvel Studios “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness” which we discussed a few short months ago HERE. We loved that trailer but now its time to get a better look at this upcoming film. As usual I’ve included the basic premise, the casting and some promotional art. Enjoy.

The Premise: Following the events of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and the first season of “Loki”, Dr. Stephen Strange’s continuing research on the Time Stone is hindered by a friend-turned-enemy, resulting in Strange unleashing unspeakable evil.
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