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Win Tix To See Heavy Metal Disco in NYC (2/23/2013)

Click Poster To Purchase Tickets
Click Poster To Purchase Tickets

The Scoop: Talk about an interesting night; Not only will the incredible Lady Starlight be spinning sets of superb Glam and Punk Rock music over the course of the night, but we will also be getting a set of tunes by The Dirty Pearls, Breedlove and Ariana & The Rose. This late evening event is sure to set a standard in midnight music madness that will continue on and with this being the case, I am happy to let you know that thanks to Livenation, a couple of our readers will be attending the show for free. Check out the details below.
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“Vamp”Collection by Fetty Launch & Semi Precious Weapons (3/31/2009)


Tonight’s adventuring would serve a twofold purpose because not only was Justin Tranter (lead singer of the band Semi Precious Weapons) launching his new line of jewelry called “The Vamp Collection”; but he and the group were going to perform a quick set of material somewhere down the line as the party progressed into the night.  Sounds like a good time right?  Well, when you add to the mix that the location of said event would find this gathering at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Annex down in Soho, NYC then the good time gets raised to new and much higher levels.  Back in December, photographer Peter Parrella and I had actually already paid a visit to this Annex and did a lengthy report about it which you can find elsewhere on the site.  For me the coolness factor was upgraded just a little bit more by being able to return to the place since it was rather interesting even though the Hall has left out some of my own personal favorite acts cool, even though as a fan of certain groups I have a reservation about some inductees that the Hall has placed inside its walls.  All photos are by Peter Parrella (copyright 2009).

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