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Marvel Celebrates Captain America’s 80th Anniversary w Giant-Sized Tribute in March

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The Press Release:
In March 1941, comic book legends Jack Kirby and Joe Simon introduced the world to Steve Rogers in the historic CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1, and a pop culture icon was born. Now, Marvel is proud to honor their tremendous contribution to the comic book industry with CAPTAIN AMERICA TRIBUTE #1, a giant-sized special celebrating the character’s 80th anniversary.

comic book covers, marvel comics, marvel entertainment, captain america
“Captain America Tribute” #1

CAPTAIN AMERICA TRIBUTE #1 will feature a cadre of Marvel’s best artists redrawing and modernizing Captain America’s first appearance, CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1, as well as his genre-defining reintroduction to the Marvel Universe, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s AVENGERS #4. See the Star-Spangled Avenger’s extraordinary origin, his first battle against the Red Skull, and his Silver Age debut where he emerges from suspended animation to live on as a Star-Spangled Avenger like never before as your favorite artists reimagine these classic tales for a new age. These definitive comic book stories will be presented in an all-new way in a star-studded special that will delight long-time True Believers and the current generation of Marvel fans!
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Marvel Comics Announces: “Black Panther” #1 (Coming May 2018)

With Marvel’s recent announcement about a host of brand-new title launches and their sharing not only the cover art but several preview pages, I’m going to help rally the charge by giving each of them a posting of their own. Here’s the scoop on the just announced “Black Panther” title. As you already know, he is the star in the latest Marvel Studios motion picture “The Black Panther” and it continues to firm up the characters existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I almost expected Marvel to lead us into the film with a bunch of True Believers one-dollar comics but instead we only got the freebie issue that was discussed on THIS POST.

The Press Release: New creative teams. New series. New directions. New beginnings. It all kicks off this May with BLACK PANTHER #1!

“Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be rolling out new beginnings for a few of our key franchises—new creative teams, new starting points, new storylines—all the big stuff that we’ve been building towards since LEGACY began,” said SVP and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. “This isn’t a clearing of the slate—while these new starts will kick off with new #1s, we’ll be maintaining the classic LEGACY issue counts as dual numbering on these titles as well. Oh, and don’t read anything into not seeing a character on the Jim Cheung piece…we can only squeeze so many characters onto there without killing poor Jim!”

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“Black Panther” #1

On Sale 5/23/18

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As I’ve already said in previous “announcement” postings, I am not going to add much to this one and I still have to see the film so I cannot chime in on that one either. I do know that it has been met with an OVERWHELMING response and is breaking some box office records so that is pretty cool. When I see the film I will try to get a spoiler-free summary online for you all. Are you readers interested in a brand-new “Black Panther” series? Let me know down in the comments below. Sadly, we only received the cover art and no bonus pages to share along but I am sure they will make up for that with the other upcoming titles.

Official Website: http://www.marvel.com
Official Character Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Panther_(comics)