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EMP Label Group Announces The Relaunch Of Combat Records

The Press Release:
David Ellefson of Megadeth, via his label EMP LABEL GROUP, has announced the relaunch of *COMBAT RECORDS*, the seminal Punk/Thrash label that started *Megadeth’s* career.

Most will remember Combat Records as one of the seminal thrash labels of the 1980s, their most prominent artist being, of course, Megadeth. Combat was also home to Helstar, Circle Jerks, Exodus, Nuclear Assault, and many of the most influential Metal and Punk bands of all time.

After a handful of ownership changes and attempted reboots, COMBAT went dormant in the mid-2000s, the catalog got absorbed by SONY, and the label itself ceased to exist. In 2016, David Ellefson, with his partner Thom Hazaert from EMP Label Group, did the due diligence to research and acquire the intellectual property for the COMBAT RECORDS brand, and bring it home to the EMP family.

With the utmost respect to the legacy of the past, COMBAT will relaunch in 2018 as an imprint of EMP LABEL GROUP, releasing not only new releases from classic Thrash and Metal artists, but as a home for new and up and coming artists as well. The first tentative COMBAT releases in 2018 will be the North American release of the upcoming studio album from legendary NWOBHM titans RAVEN, a limited edition classic B-sides release from HELSTAR, (both original COMBAT artists) and new releases from CT Hardcore/Metal staples *Dead By Wednesday* and 80’s progressive thrash favorites WRATH.
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“Scream Bloody Gore”; Death’s Debut @ Thirty Years (1987-2017)

Thirty years ago on this very day the world’s Metal fans would get their first proper introduction to the band Death as the band’s debut album “Scream Bloody Gore” was released on the Combat Records label. The band was formed in 1983 by lead guitarist/vocalist Chuck Schuldiner and four years after their genesis, Schuldiner and drummer Chris Reifert. They were the only musicians doing the recording as Chuck would handle all guitars along with the vocals and while the band Possessed had released a body of work two years prior, “Scream Bloody Gore” is cited as the first true Death Metal Record from a band that was considered the first proper Death Metal band. It’s interesting to realize how both bands were coming up at the same time and had quite a few similar musical principles but when it all comes down to it Death is considered the first in the line of the budding genre. Remember that band’s such as Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax, Testament and Overkill were all deftly delivering the Thrash Metal but thanks to the likes of Venom with their darker topics in songwriting, the ground was open for even more to be done.

In 1987, I was not listening to anything like this at all, and was still trying hard to keep up with the friends who were listening to the Thrash Metal stuff. I was enjoying the new Power Metal stuff that I was learning about from the band Helloween who had also released some tasty melodies with their “Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part I”. Of course I owed my interest in the Helloween band thanks to the U68 “Power Hour” which is where I recall seeing that tune first. There was nothing like the band Death or even Possessed being showcased on this thing but I digress. It would be many, many years before I would even begin listening to any kind of Death Metal so I’ve embedded the albums official Wikipedia entry for you at the close since it’s not something I can easily speak about in terms of this particular album. The full track list of the original album is listed below. What were some of your favorite tracks and what made them so? I’d love to hear what sold you about the band way back in the day if you were an original listener or what did it for you once you finally got to hear them.
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Exodus’ “Bonded By Blood” Now Thirty Years Old (1985-2015)

Believe it or not today marks the day that the very first album by Bay Area Thrashers Exodus had arrived on the shelves of record stores everywhere; I am speaking of the molten moshpit inciter of “Bonded By Blood” which celebrates its 30th Anniversary today. Now before I go any further I have to admit that I was not a fan of this kind of Metal back in that time period as it was still just a little “too much” for me despite my enjoying some Slayer, Metallica and lots of what was going to be referred to as Power Metal eventually. Don’t worry though my friends as I would eventually grow to better appreciate works such as this one even if it was as a latecomer.
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“Minuteman For The Moment” by Look What I Did

Artist: Look What I Did
Title: “Minuteman For The Moment”
Label: Combat Records/Koch
Release: October 4, 2005
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Rating: 4/10

Look What I Did is a post-hardcore band from Nashville, Tennessee. The band is Barry on vocals, Skeet on guitar, Colby on guitar, Chris on bass, and Miles on drums. This band is unique in the way that you don’t know quite what to classify them into. Are they hardcore? Are they screamo? It’s a toss up but it’s definitely an eccentric arrangement of music that they play. Honestly, it’s more like a pop punk record that tries to be metal.
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“It’s Time To Decide” by At All Cost

Artist: At All Cost
Title: “It‘s Time To Decide”
Label: Combat Records/Koch
Release: 9/20/2005
Genre: Metalcore
Rating: 6/10

At All Cost, bringing us their debut album on Combat Records is from Austin, Texas. With members Trey Ramirez (guitar), Andrew Collins (vocals), Grant Anderson (drums), Bobby Andrew (bass) and Michael Theo bald (guitar), “It’s Time To Decide” was born. Another dose of what is commonly called “metalcore” At All Cost incorporate elements of metal with soaring guitars and melodic vocals, with elements of hardcore, bringing in hard beats and fierce vocals. A combination that has become very popular and done by many as of late, At All Cost gives it a fair shot.
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