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Film Review: “Attitude For Destruction” (2008)

Title: “Attitude For Destruction”
Genre: Rock & Roll Horror Fantasy
Label: Cleopatra Records
Release Date: 4/15/2008
Rating: 2.5/5

“Attitude For Destruction” is a Horror Fantasy film that takes a little bit of movies like “Trick Or Treat” and “Rock And Roll Nightmare” and blends them with the premise of a young and successful Hollywood Rock band that are on their way to the top and soon find themselves dealing with witchcraft and the living dead as they make their quest for musical greatness. It begins in a club where the band “Hollywood Roses” and their lead singer Drake have just performed and are soon solicited by Record Company powers that be who wish to sign them to a multi-album deal and determine that they don’t want Drake as a part of the deal. The singer balks about the decision that the rest of the guys make about their respective futures as he would sooner the band wait on such success rather than sell their souls to such a corporation. Since the band wants the success without more waiting, they seek to toss Drake out of the band and instead beat him to death, dispose of the corpse and move on to sign the deal with the record company with no one any wiser to the crime. Of course you know there is more to this or the movie would have had a happy ending only twenty minutes in and with this type of film that is never the case.
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