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Airing Tonight: “True Blood” Season 7 (6/22/2014)

“This is the end, my only friend the end……” The brief lyric from the classic tune by The Doors seems rather appropriate as fans of the Supernatural series on HBO prepare themselves for the first episode of the final season of “True Blood”….queue dramatic music…….

Poster - True Blood - Season 7

Season 6 Recap: Season six focuses on Billith’s growing abilities. Sookie and Jason search for Warlow, the vampire responsible for their parents death. Louisiana governor leads a platform to eradicate the entire vampire race, leaving all fates in the balance.

Produced by Alan Ball and Brian Buckner, the seventh season continues the creepy happenings that are brewing down South with Miss Sookie Stackhouse, Vampire Bill Compton and a host of other strange individuals. When we last saw our heroine, she and many of the townspeople were ready to be attacked by what appeared to be zombie vampires. I realize that this is not the proper description but these vamps were affected by the “H” virus that had been put out there in the “True Blood” drink to wipe out their race. Anyway, it looked like it was going to get ugly and I am sure it will knock us off the couch from the moment that it begins this evening on HBO. Will you watch? Here is the full cast for those interested in knowing the key players this season.
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Airing Tonight: “True Blood” Season 6 (6/16/2013)

true blood logo

Got blood? Well if you don’t there is surely a lot to go around as HBO’s original series “True Blood” returns for its sixth season. Are you excited?


Season 5 Recap: The season follows Bill and Eric being captured by the Vampire Authority after the disappearance of Nan Flanagan. The two are almost sentenced to death by the Guardian, Roman, before revealing that Russell Edgington is alive and free after being released by a mysterious vampire. With the help of Sookie the team discovers his hiding place and brings him in. Alcide deals with his troubled rise to pack-master, and Terry learns he is death-cursed after committing a terrible crime during the war in Iraq. Meanwhile, Sookie learns that her powers are limited and contemplates having a normal life, just as Tara learns to deal with her newly given life as Pam’s progeny. Jason and Sookie discover their parents were murdered by a vampire and vow to find out who is responsible. Hoyt gets involved with a hate group, then decides to leave for Alaska, just as Andy heads towards life as family man, and Lafayette tries to deal with the powers given to him by Jesus. Russell and his new vampire-companion Steve Newlin, along with Salome and Eric’s vampire sister Nora, redefine the values of the Authority and view humans as nothing more than food: just as Lilith of the Vampire bible wanted. The season ends with the Authority leadership being wiped out during the True Blood crisis, and Bill drinking all of the sacred vial of Lilith in front of Sookie and Eric. He soon meets the “true death”, but shortly after, he “rises from the blood”, as an even more powerful vampire reincarnation of Lilith (“Billith”).
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