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Marvel Announces “Star Wars: War Of The Bounty Hunters” Crossover Event For May

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The Press Release:
Announced earlier today on StarWars.com, WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS, an upcoming Star Wars crossover event, will begin in May. The event will kick off with War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha #1, written by Charles Soule and drawn by Steve McNiven. From there, the event will tie into Marvel’s entire post-Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back lineup including Star Wars, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, Star Wars: Darth Vader, and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, starting with special prelude issues throughout May. The crossover will continue in June, centering around a five-issue War of the Bounty Hunters miniseries from Soule and artist Luke Ross. The epic story will see the entire galaxy from the Rebellion to the Empire at war for the greatest prize of all: Han Solo!

The notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett is on route to Tatooine to collect the massive bounty placed on Han Solo’s head by the fearsome crime lord Jabba the Hutt. But no one said it would be easy. The hunter becomes the hunted as pursuers from all corners of the galaxy set their sights on Boba and his precious cargo. Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Doctor Aphra, the galaxy’s deadliest bounty hunters, and more are all on a collision course that will reveal surprising new details about this long-unexplored era in the Star Wars mythos.
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Show Highlights From NYCC Metaverse: Day One

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The Scoop: New York Comic Con x MCM Comic Con’s Metaverse kicked off today with an incredible panel lineup, tons of geeky merch, and hundreds of cosplayers sharing their looks across social media. In case any of our readers missed out on all of the fun, we are sharing the highlights as provided by the media handlers of the ReedPOP affairs. Enjoy.

* Kicking off the show, the Star Trek Universe panel gave fans a first look at the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ S3 opener and revealed that ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ actress Kate Mulgrew will reprise her iconic role as Captain Janeway on Nickelodeon’s ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’:

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Marvel’s “The Hunt For Wolverine” Expands Into Four Epic Tales

Fans of the mutant who is the best at what he does are going to be really excited about these four brand-new mini-series that are coming in May from Marvel Comics. The “Hunt For Wolverine” continues…..check it out.

The Press Release:
Wolverine has been trekking across the Marvel Universe, from the pages of 2017’s best-selling comic MARVEL LEGACY #1 to the current glimpses of Logan in the Where’s Wolverine pages featured in select Marvel comics…but is that really the Logan we all know and love?

This May, the story that kicked off in April’s THE HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1 continues as intrigue, mystery, romance, and action collide in an epic so big, it will take four different series to tell the tale! Featuring thrills and chills for all X-Men fans as Wolverine’s past comes back to haunt all our merry mutants, each unique story harkens back to their old school adventures – changing some characters in ways that will shock readers.

Orchestrated by HUNT FOR WOLVERINE and DEATH OF WOLVERINE writer Charles Soule, a star-studded cast of talent have teamed up to unravel Wolverine’s secrets. Avengers No Surrender writer Jim Zub, She-Hulk writer Mariko Tamaki, All-New Wolverine writer Tom Taylor, The Amazing Spider-Man artist Matteo Buffagni, X-Men Blue artist R.B. Silva, Black Panther and the Crew artist Butch Guice, and Spider-Man/Deadpool artist Chris Bachalo will join forces for four series that form one interlocking epic adventure, each one containing its own distinct genre and mystery: Weapon Lost (noir/detective), Adamantium Agenda (action/adventure), Claws Of A Killer (horror) and Mystery in Madripoor (dark romance.)
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Exploring Special Edition NYC 2015: Chapter Three

Hey there, hi there, ho there it is nice to have you back at the PiercingMetal site for yet another piece of our Special Edition NYC coverage puzzle for their 2015 event. For those new to the presentation this is the third chapter so its easy for you to go back and see what you have missed and to stay tuned for what is to come up afterward. That being said lets get this party started. On your mark, get set, geek out……

special edition nyc, special edition nyc 2015, senyc, senyc 2015
Special Edition NYC 2015 by Ken Pierce (2015)

special edition nyc, special edition nyc 2015, senyc, senyc 2015
Special Edition NYC 2015 by Ken Pierce (2015)

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Marvel Gives A New Look at “Death Of Wolverine” First Issue

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The Press Release:
He is many things to many people. A hero. A teacher. A friend. But now, the greatest X-Men hero will play a role he’s never played before! Today, Marvel is proud to present a stunning look inside DEATH OF WOLVERINE #1 – the first issue in the blockbuster weekly event running through September! Comic superstars Charles Soule and Steve McNiven explore the man known as the Wolverine as he makes his final stand, and meets his untimely end. Left without his mutant healing factor, his enemies now close in for the kill – and the Wolverine faces his greatest battle alone. A battle he will not return from. After a century of being the best there is at what he does, the day has arrived where his best will not be good enough.

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“Death Of Wolverine” #1

With no X-Men or Avengers to help him, he’ll square off against Lady Deathstrike, Sabretooth and more of his deadliest enemies! Each one inching him one step closer to death than the last. But one foe in particular is prepared to strike the final blow. An old enemy with the deepest of ties to Wolverine’s past has returned. Lurking in the shadows, their master plan to end the Wolverine has been set in motion – and there’s no stopping it!
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