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New York Comic Con 2021 Takes Over The PiercingMetal Instagram

new york comic con 2021 logo, new york comic con, reedpop

For the 11th straight year, the Media High Command HQ would be attending the New York Comic Con at the Javits Center and would be doing so as a member of the press representing this and the still growing Ken Pierce Media branding. This year the plan was to load up a lot of website narratives, YouTube clips and of course Instagram images. Like-minded geeks can keep pace with the website articles by clicking HERE and the first of our Instagram images is linked below. Most of them will be exclusive to our Instagram with the occasional making an appearance in our four-day coverage of the convention.

Those readers who love “the Gram” are encouraged to come visit the profile and give if a Follow. Once you’re there we hope that you like as many photos as possible because that helps the engagement and let’s more people find us in the feed.

new york comic con logo - bw