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Congratulations to The Ramones On Receiving of The Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award

As a Heavy Metal music fan for more years than I care to disclose I can quickly tell you of how unimportant the Grammy Awards have been to me when it comes to my favorite genre.  They are for the most part clueless in terms of what they are voting on and who ends up winning (the historic Metallica loss to Jethro Tull coming to mind) but since that ill-fated event, the category of “Best Heavy Metal Performance” has been given out and usually hits the mark properly.   They also have a Lifetime Achievement award which was this year given to the legendary New York Punkers – The Ramones.  I had to admit that I was surprised about this based on their original misunderstanding about Metal.  I mean, if they didn’t know that stuff how could they ever recognize Punk Rock.  Still, they did recognize it and gave the award to the band so kudos on that honor.  The photos below come from the front window display of the Guitar Center on 14th Street in Manhattan.  I couldn’t resist trying to share them with the worldwide readership as I passed them by.   I admit that I was glad to find the center offering up their own honor by showcasing some of their historic stuff. Continue reading Congratulations to The Ramones On Receiving of The Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award

Leaves Eyes: Live Photos @ C.B.G.B. (10/4/2005)

Logo - Leaves Eyes

Leaves Eyes were one of the many bands performing for a tour labelled as “The International Extreme Music Festival” and lucky for us it made a stop at C.B.G.B.’s on the Lower East Side. That full show was documented in a narrative found on THIS LINK; Now please enjoy a gallery of photographs that were captured from their performance.

leaves eyes, leaves eyes concert photos, liv kristine
Leaves Eyes by Ken Pierce (2005)

leaves eyes, leaves eyes concert photos, liv kristine
Leaves Eyes by Ken Pierce (2005)

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Leaves Eyes @ C.B.G.B. (10/4/2005)

Logo - Leaves Eyes

Artist: Leave’s Eyes, Atrocity, God Dethroned
Venue: C.B.G.B. (New York, NY)
Opener: Hell Within, Mantiss, Lilitu
Date: 10/4/2005
Label: Napalm Records

With an event called the “International Extreme Music Festival” and the venue of choice to be the recently newsworthy CBGB’s I knew that this was to be one of those interesting nights. The tour looked to be a nice lineup of some very heavy groups and I think it originally started with about 9 acts before the show hit NYC. Among the listed on ads the following performers were run down as follows: God Dethroned, Byzantine, Nightrage, Hell Within, Epoch Of Unlight, Thine Eyes Bleed, Lilitu, Atrocity and Leaves Eyes. My plan was primarily to cover the Leaves Eyes and Atrocity set as I had just reviewed “The Vinland Saga” CD on the site and found it to be an incredible piece of music. I also enjoyed some of God Dethroned material and Nightrage was a band a colleague has been talking up. There was an early start time based on the number of bands set to perform and this did not bother me in the least. I had to attend to something’s the following day and that would prevent the all-nighter coverage this evening. By the time the show hit NYC Nightrage had pulled off due to unconfirmed reasons and Thine Eyes Bleed and Byzantine were no longer listed. Instead we would find Mantiss added and the roster set at 6 bands. God Dethroned would be holding the headlining spot. I was not sure whether or not this was a good idea as while they are popular I felt that Leaves Eyes would be the biggest draw tonight. I also felt that legendary or not, that CBGB was a poor choice of venue, it would be too cramped if this sold out and cause a lot of people to be turned away. This would not be an issue tonight as sadly poor promotion left the draw at an extreme minimum. Arriving on time to do an interview with Leaves Eyes I found them over an hour away stuck in traffic according to the Tour Manager. When I spoke to several girls who were diehard Liv Krull fans they expressed concern as appearances earlier had been cancelled. It was nice to be able to inform them that while they were late; they were in fact on the way.
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Listening To Meshuggah’s “Catchy Thirty Three” in NYC (4/1/2005)

meshuggah logo

Artist: Meshuggah
Title: “Catch Thirty-Three” – Listening Party
Venue: CBGB’s Gallery (New York, NY)
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Date: 4/1/2005
Genre: Technical Death Metal

Once again I trekked down to the Bowery for the famed CBGB’s Club. Actually we were downstairs in the roomy lounge of the adjacent building in a space known as the CBGB’s Gallery. This atmosphere is more suited to a party like this since you are out to network with the band and enjoy their latest work. The reason for the trip this evening was to meet a couple of the guys in the one and only “Meshuggah”. The band had come to town to give the Media a sneak listen on their latest effort entitled “Catch Thirty Three”. It was great to be included in the festivities like this, since getting to talk to the Artist before an actual release can be a special thing and assist in getting the word out on it. Nuclear Blast Records was in full presence as reps from the label entertained folks like my colleague Pete Pardo (from www.SeaOfTranquility.org) and many others. It’s pretty cool that the label does this kind of thing and also that they picked this particular venue to showcase the album. Recently, CBGB’s has been in the news over their fight with the owners of the building over unpaid rent and it looks like the doors may soon close on the birthplace of Punk Rock. It’s a landmark club whether you love it or hate it, and a lot of memorable music has come from it so I hope it gets resolved to a positive fashion.
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