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“Budokan!” (30th Anniversary Boxed Set) by Cheap Trick

Artist: Cheap Trick
Title: “Budokan!” – 30th Anniversary Boxed Set
Label: Epic Legacy Records
Release Date: 11/8/2008
Genre: Rock
Rating: 5/5

There are live albums and then there are live albums, and while history might reflect that releases like “Frampton Comes Alive” helped define the time (as well as Mr. Frampton’s career), there are few albums that are as iconic as Cheap Trick’s “At Budokan”. The original vinyl delivered 10 tracks of the band in concert over in Japan, and while they were building a steady buzz in their home area, nothing could have prepared them for the stratospheric climb that this record would provide them with. It seemed as though moments after the album was released that Cheap Trick was not only a household name, but a band that you would hear in constant rotation on every single Rock radio station of the time. The songs were catchy and everyone knew them and from this Cheap Trick held the world in their hand. The album is celebrating its 30th Anniversary and I can hardly believe it. Of course the interesting thing about it is when you play it today the darned thing still sounds fresh and exciting and brings the listener back into the moment and to the excitement they felt when they first listened to it. To properly celebrate the anniversary of such a valuable piece of music history, Sony Legacy has released a DVD video of the concert along with three CD’s. It’s a hefty release and we shall speak upon each part to make better sense of it. Here goes nothing.
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