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“You Will Clap” by Pui

Artist: Pui
Title: “You Will Clap” EP
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date:
Genre: Avant-Garde Metal/Funk Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

Pui is a New York City band that helps personify that which is considered “underground” simply in the manner in how they do things and with how many elements they bring together to deliver their unique and diverse brand of Metal music. To be honest, there really isn’t much that resembles your “conventional” Metal on this album at all and one should view the band as an amalgam of a more diverse number of styles such as Funk, Hard Rock, Middle Eastern, and Hip-Hop. I know that sounds like a lot to absorb but it works when fashioned into the tracks that they present on their EP “You Will Clap”. The recording is only three songs but after listening I found that I had been given a very healthy idea of what the band brings to the table and is all about musically. It opens with “Kill For The Gods” which was a fast favorite and begins with a very ethnic feel before the heavy riffs kick into gear. Powerful drumming and an almost rousing chorus combined with a beat that makes you move had me view this as a winner. The bands front man is NC Shuva who sings and plays guitar while Tunc delivers the percussion on top of Ory’s drums and with these two working in tandem they bring a different level of groove to the compositions. Bass is by Brian Hosey and Leo also delivers vocals which rounds out the five member roster. That’s a healthy lineup but one that proves effective since each of its members provide a necessary piece of the puzzle to the grand scheme that they are building. The albums title seems to hail from the EP’s closing tune “Freak Cabaret” where it instructs you to “clap, clap, clap” and this tune along with the first were my favorites on the EP. There’s a weird kind of feel going on in “Freak Cabaret” that brings an older style of music together with a more modern one. You would have to hear it to better understand what I mean, but either way it was one I rather liked. The second tune was good as well and a nice demonstration of the bands slower tempo side. Good stuff and a recording that makes you say, “damn, no more…..” when it finishes.
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