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Tonight: “Arrow” Season 7 Premiere On The CW Network (10/15/2018)

Though “Arrow” was the first of this group of DC Comics live-action superhero shows, it’s premiere comes after “The Flash”, “Black Lightning” and “Supergirl” which I found a little surprising. Anyway, the shows seventh season begins tonight and I’ve secured the dramatic poster along with a recap of the previous season doings and some casting. Let’s go.

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Season 6 Recap: In season six, after an explosive battle on Lian Yu, Oliver must balance being a vigilante, the mayor, and a father to his son William. At the same time, new enemies emerge, initially led by hacker Cayden James, who puts together a team with drug dealer Ricardo Diaz, metahuman vigilante Vincent Sobel, Russian mobster Anatoli Knyazev, and Black Siren. As James loses control of his cabal, Ricardo Diaz comes to the fore, announcing to Green Arrow his scheme to take over Star City’s criminal underworld and control the city’s political infrastructure, all while Oliver must contend with his former teammates forming a rival team. As Diaz takes control of the city, Oliver is forced to recruit the aid of the FBI, in exchange for him publicly announcing his identity and going to federal prison. In the finale, Oliver is imprisoned in a supermax penitentiary. (c/o Wiki).
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Observing Image Comics @ Book Expo 2018

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Now you already know that I was hitting the annual Book Expo and based on my findings have relegated most of my photos and notations over on “The Chronicles” of Piercing Ken since it made more sense.  However, this little narrative is being done to celebrate the great presence that our friends at Image Comics did this year in terms of all the great artist and writer signings and the cool freebies (the full rundown of appearances were cited HERE in case you missed it).  Let’s start off by gleaning this awesome tote that bears their logo and the cool phrase “I Believe In Comics”. We believe in them here at the Media Command HQ as well.

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First up is artist Kickily who was signing copies of “Perdy” which is a Western themed title.  Kickily was also doodling for the people who were taking a copy of the book and I captured him doing this on mine for our Instagram.  I will embed that in a little later.

book expo, image comics, book expo 2018, photos of book expo 2018
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