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“Swallow This Live” (remaster) by Poison

Artist: Poison
Title: “Swallow This Live” (remaster)
Label: Capitol Records
Release Date: 6/1/2004
Genre: Glam Rock
Rating: 3.75/5

The remaster for Poison’s first-ever live album actually preceded the remastered editions of their original canon by a couple of years and I was initially surprised that they it that way. Perhaps the larger powers that be felt by watching the response to the live recordings re-issue would help in the determination of whether or not to deliver the original three studio efforts. Of course, perhaps none of this was the case and we would have seen them eventually given the fact that labels are always looking to keep their artist roster in the fans eyes in a manner that keeps them earning money. That being said, the re-issue of Poison’s original 1991 release is slightly different from the one that first hit the shelves and the most noticeable change is the fact that the remaster is now a single disc while it was originally a double. This might alarm the most ardent fan of the group since that second CD allowed for the concert to have a drum solo and for the band to present to their listeners four new studio tunes. With the single CD version both the drum solo and the new tunes have been omitted on the remaster so if you already cannot live with this fact then I suggest you avoid this purchase and stop reading immediately. Otherwise you are welcome to continue along. I never had the original version of this release and cannot recall ever hearing the studio tunes so it didn’t bother me all that much. They are bound to turn up somewhere else eventually.
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Poison & Dokken @ PNC Bank Arts Center (8/12/2008)

Poison continued the summer shows with an appearance in Holmdel, NJ at the PNC Bank Arts Center. This go round would bring both Dokken and Sebastian Bach along for the ride and we made sure to be a part of the fun in order to bring you the scoop. Scroll past the logo below to be brought to our article to see our thoughts and photos of the bands.

Logo - Poison

Artist: Poison
Venue: PNC Bank Arts Center (Holmdel, NJ)
Opener: Dokken, Sebastian Bach
Date: 8/12/2008
Label: Koch Records

Over the last couple of years I have not been able to say that the summer was drawing to a close until I had attended one of the Poison “shed” concerts that always seem to come around these parts around the same time each year. For me, these shows were only a recent bit of fun to attend as I grew up entrenched in a much darker and a lot heavier type of Metal. Based on this fact I had to say that any love for Poison and how they did things was always kept on the low end of the conversation. Of course as time went on and my musical interests expanded I grew to appreciate just how much fun they were in concert and how catchy and relevant their music was when it came to living ones life in good spirits and with a smile. Poison had done some great summer shows over the last couple of years as well and my first go round was checking them out with Cinderella and the following year with Ratt. This time around would find not only the eighties staple Dokken, but also a performance from Skid Row’s former front man Sebastian Bach. Surely this was going to be a rocking night and Bach would be coming on first. The adventure was also taking place at the PNC Bank Arts Center, where I had just seen the Metal Masters tour the previous week.
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“Seven Days Live” by Poison

Artist: Poison
Title: “Seven Days Live”
Label: Armoury Records
Release Date: 8/26/2008
Genre: Glam Rock
Rating: 2.5/5

Given the nature of this live release I think that I should begin in the same fashion that I did for the DVD version of this which came out about two years ago and it went something like this – “Warning to all diehard Poison fans: This CD does NOT feature guitarist C.C. DeVille.” Now for those who are coming in late to the music that Poison has been doing for over two decades let me now reiterate that at one point the Glam Rock band had continued on without one of its founding members and performed with different guitarists. Richie Kotzen stepped into the band and was a spectacular player who was less on the Glam side and more on the Soul and Blues-oriented Rock angle and with his contributions the band released the fantastic “Native Tongue” album. It was a recording that showed you that Poison were much more than lipstick and hairspray. The album and touring took place in the middle of the Grunge Rock phase of the music scene and Poison’s level of notoriety had really dropped while bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam climbed higher and higher and when the band stopped by the Hammersmith Apollo for a gig it was captured forever on audio and video. Understandably some fans dropped Poison entirely when C.C. left while newer fans who had hoped for more depth from the band welcomed the material they did with Kotzen. Since the touring was for “Native Tongue” the larger portion of material presented came from this release but this appeared to only be the case for the video of the show and not what was delivered here on the CD.
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“Live Raw and Uncut” by Poison

Artist: Poison
Title: “Live Raw and Uncut”
Label: Sweet Cyanide Music Inc.
Release Date: 7/15/2008
Genre: Glam Rock & Roll
Rating: 4/5

Filmed during the summer of 2007, “Live, Raw & Uncut” brings the home viewer into the crowd as the legendary Glam Rockers deliver an energetic and entertaining concert performance in front of a very obviously sold out crowd. For the tour the band was traveling in support of their most recent album “Poison’d”; which was an album of cover material that the group had reworked ever so slightly to fit their particular style. The effort was interesting and found some new numbers mixed in with a few of the covers that the boys had delivered over the course of their career and during these shows the fans would get the chance to enjoy them. Having witnessed this tour in the flesh myself when it rolled through my area I was happy to find such a performance making its way to DVD and that is very simply because it was just one of those feel good shows where everyone around you was having a good time and either drinking and singing along or just rocking and rolling without any assistance. The one main thing you could take from the crowd were the beaming smiles as Brett, CC, Rikki, and Bobby performed a chock full of hits set and blended in some of the highlights from the recent album. The video was also shot in HD which adds to the level of quality of the video which is crystal clear and of course the audio presented is top notch and clear. If one sets their home stereo up to their TV or has one of those massive home theater experiences going on you will feel as though you are at the show and in the VIP area. The downside is that there is most likely no beer concession nearby unless you have a fully loaded refrigerator.
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“Poison’d” by Poison

Artist: Poison
Title: “Poison’d”
Label: EMI Capitol Records
Release Date: 6/5/2007
Genre: Glam Rock
Rating: 3/5

As artists began to release albums that featured their own renditions of songs they found favor upon as “Influence”, aimed at generating “Feedback” or that just made them say “Yeah” how far behind could we have expected Poison to be with their own version. The ever-growing trend has been largely well-received and this appears to be the next logical step from symphony orchestra recordings or unplugged releases. The guys in Poison were rulers of the Glam or Hair Metal realm back in the day and their brand of covers presents us with bands that they liked and also found personal musical guidance from – I admit that while I enjoyed some of this I was also let down a little based on a couple of factors. The choice of songs seems sound as they choose a number from The Sweet and David Bowie, who was in his Ziggy Stardust role for the selected tune. At first I was rough on The Sweet cover since I hold the band in such high esteem but by the second listen this was just a fun track that mixed it up a little ala Poison, and the same applies for the Bowie track. Poison succeeds tremendously on the ballad tracks like Alice Coopers “I Never Cry” and the Tucker Band’s “Cant You See” as they are perfect for the style they worked so well into their own “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” and “Something To Believe In”.
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