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Lifetime Television’s “Blood Ties” – The Complete Series

Several months ago we got our hands on the very interesting Vampire Crime Drama series called “Blood Ties” and offered the readers some critique about the show. It aired on Lifetime Television in 2007 and was based on the writings of Tanya Huff and her “Blood Books”. Give that each season was discussed for you already, we are revisiting those narratives before getting to the task at hand. Please feel free to sink your teeth into them – we’ll wait for you at the end.

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Lifetime Television’s “Blood Ties”: Season Two Boxed Set

Picking up where Season One closed out is the Second Season DVD boxed set of Lifetime Television’s “Blood Ties”. For those that are joining us in the middle of the movie; let’s recap and fill you in on the fact that the show is Crime Drama meets Bram Stoker. A little bit of your conventional detective mystery with a deliciously devilish vampire bite taken out of it. When the show originally ran on the Lifetime Network I never caught an episode so I enjoyed having the chance to absorb the whole first season in a couple of days sitting and now with the assistance of the second season set can learn just how the story played out. I mentioned enjoying the long cancelled “Moonlight” on CBS just as it was picking up steam and the premise of “Blood Ties” is rather interesting for a television show.
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