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Blackguard Announces New Album “The Storm” & Return To Live Performance

Fans of those Montreal Metallers known as Blackguard will be interested in this news because after a number of years absent on the scene….they’re back! Check out the press release below and some closing personal editorial notes.

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The Press Release:
Seminal Canadian melodic death/folk metal band BLACKGUARD announces their first show in over four years as well as their plans to independently release their long-awaited fourth studio album “STORM” in 2019 to follow their 2011 full length “Firefight” on Victory Records and 2009’s “Profugus Mortis” released on Sumerian and Nuclear Blast.

The band made the following announcement via their facebook page.

“It is with great pleasure that we can finally start sharing with you our plans for this year! We will be playing our first show in four years at Coalition in Toronto on March 22nd with CRIMSON SHADOWS (Napalm Records) and BOREALIS (AFM Records)! This will be one hell of a fun show with some of our oldest friends so come out and make this a night no one will forget. Details / pre-order info for our new album “STORM” will be revealed in the coming weeks and of course, some new music for everyone to sink their teeth into. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally here so stay tuned!

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New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2014: Chapter 3

Hails my friends and welcome back to our series of “New Year’s Music Resolutions” for 2014. We’re now at Chapter Three of the submissions and it’s been some really cool stuff. I love hearing the inside scoop from the people whose music makes me glad I started this writing adventure in the first place. Okay without any further adieu let’s begin.

1. Lita Ford: My New Years Music resolution is to play more guitar. Collect guitars; One can never have enough guitars…… LOL. Rock a little harder. And have fun ! Fun Fun !!!

2. Paul Ablaze (Blackguard): My New Year’s Music Resolutions is to work heavily on my piano playing . I’ve been dabbling in it the past 2 years but I really want to dedicate myself to it this year .
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Win To See Finntroll In NYC On 11/5/2013

Logo - Finntroll

The Details: I still remember the Folk Metal thrashing that the fans got when Finntroll first came to the states as the opening act for the Sodom tour back in 2006 and without trying to sound disrespectful, they were an incredibly hard act to follow and the Germans had their hands full. The visit showed the band that returning to these parts was good hunting in the name of Metal and since that fateful night they have released four more albums and knocked our socks off with each and every visit. Its been a couple of years but now the band is returning to the new Stage 48 club and bringing along the mighty Blackguard and Metsatoll from Estonia for good measure. You know you don’t want to miss out on this one. The show itself excites me, and even more so now that the marketing team at this beautiful space have offered a couple of tickets to my ardent supporters. Read below on how to participate in this one.
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Win Tix For Soilwork In NYC On 3/15/2013

Click Poster To Purchase Tickets
Click Poster To Purchase Tickets

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New Year’s Music Resolutions For 2013: Part 9

They say that the cat has nine lives and such would be the same for this blog series even though I have a couple of more chapters to present to you fine readers. We’ve gotten some great stuff from the musicians and creative entities who were kind enough to participate in the series. So without any further adieu “Welcome to Chapter 9 of our New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013”.

1. Ronny Munroe (Metal Church): My New Year’s Resolution: To continue to grow musically and mentally, and to put out the best music of my career,wether it be with Metal Church or my own music. That’s it 🙂

2. The Last Vegas: The Last Vegas’ New Year’s Resolution for 2013 is to go organic. Not in a dietary sense mind you, but artistically going back to the raw, the real, the look into your soul to see what is in there and what you can pull out that truly sticks to your and your listeners’ bones. In today’s modern musical climate, the competition for listeners’ attention is fierce, fast and fleeting. Plug in straight, bypass the bullsh*t meter, and get the direct-connect. Any yahoo can have great hair…

3. J.R. Gurrieri (Slam One Down): To Get on the biggest tour that we can and support some great Heavy Metal Bands and to write and record a better record than the one we just put out.
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