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Aerosmith Announces “Peace Out” Farewell Tour

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The Press Release:
Today, four-time GRAMMY® award-winning and diamond-certified rock legends Aerosmith have announced PEACE OUT™ with special guest The Black Crowes. Fans will see one of the most significant American rock bands in history one last time during this not-to-be-missed final tour. Every night will celebrate the five decades of Aerosmith’s groundbreaking hits as they celebrate 50 years as America’s greatest rock band. In addition, THX will bring their THX Certified Live! high-fidelity experience on the road, calibrating each arena with leading-edge technology so fans don’t miss a beat of Aerosmith’s classic rock tunes in quality audio.

In a joint statement, Aerosmith shared, “It’s not goodbye it’s PEACE OUT! Get ready and walk this way, you’re going to get the best show of our lives.”

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The Black Crowes Announce Intimate Gig @ Bowery Ballroom in NYC

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Earlier today, The Black Crowes announced their “Shake Your Money Maker” World Tour and if you’ve gotten a late start to the day just click HERE to see what its all about including the healthy amount of dates. Now it’s time to share the news about one of the bands more intimate gigs with their show at NYC’s own Bowery Ballroom. Take a look at the details about it below the awesome poster.

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The Black Crowes Present “Shake Your Money Maker” 2020 World Tour

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The Press Release:
The Black Crowes’ Chris and Rich Robinson will herald the thirty-year anniversary of their landmark quintuple platinum debut album Shake Your Money Maker with a world tour beginning June 17 in Austin, Texas. Tickets and VIP packages are on sale now. To celebrate the announce, the band will play two intimate shows, first at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City this evening, followed by the Troubadour in Los Angeles on November 14. More info about tickets will be shared on @theblackcrowes Instagram page. The Black Crowes, which Melody Maker proclaimed as “the most Rock n’ Roll Rock n’ Roll band in the world” will be playing their debut, described by Rolling Stone as, “a guitar-party cracker that marries Southern R&B crunch and Anglo cock-strutting attitude” in its entirety plus all the hits from the band’s illustrious catalogue. The ever-volatile Robinson brothers have not played a show since 2013 when they vowed never to play or speak together again. Thankfully for fans, times seems to have healed these wounds.

Chris Robinson says of reuniting, “I’m thrilled & blessed to be playing with my brother celebrating the music we’ve made & bringing our lives together full circle. Long live Rock n’ Roll & The Black Crowes!”

Rich Robinson adds, “First and foremost, I’m really happy to have my brother back in my life. To be able to play music again together and celebrate the first record we made as kids, is a gift. To have these songs stand up after 30 years is something I could’ve never fathomed.”
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“Warpaint Live” (Blu-ray) by The Black Crowes

Artist: Black Crowes
Title: “Warpaint Live” (Blu-ray)
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 7/14/2009
Genre: Blues Rock
Rating: 4.25/5

Eagle Rock Entertainment has been striving to deliver some of its best DVD films on the higher quality Blu-ray format and they are fantastic when it comes down to it depending on the show that it is. When The Black Crowes dished out their “Warpaint Live” on CD and standard DVD, you knew that a higher definition version made good sense based on just how great this show actually was. My views about the full on performance are the same between the two versions so I am re-presenting them for you below. I will then close out with some additional thoughts about the Blu-ray edition.

I recently reviewed the excellent CD version of this concert and now the chance to feel as though you were a part of the audience is at hand as the full concert is presented to you on the DVD release “Warpaint Live”. Yes this is the exact same show as was presented on the audio release but as you might realize, simply hearing it loses some of that concert magic which and lucky for the home viewer they did not swap a track here and there between the two releases and instead deliver the same tunes that we found on the double CD audio version. I’ve long enjoyed the Black Crowes for what they brought to the table as a band and they always seem to deliver in concert. You cannot help but feel the soulful groove that they lay down with apparent ease on tune after tune. The great difference about this live concert was that it took their “Warpaint” CD and delivered it live in sequential order for maximum fan enjoyment. There is a little bit of difference in the tunes from the studio release against the live versions and that comes by way of a little more extended jamming which is never bad when it comes to a band like The Black Crowes. There is some seriously good musicianship going on and when you watch Rich Robinson play you will be thinking aloud as you wonder why this guy does not get a lot more praise than he does. Chris Robinson’s voice is on top of the game with the recording and he proves himself to be one of the best Blues Rock singers of our time. There is such a passion in every note he utters here without question. Joining the Robinson Brothers is a truly killer band that features Luther Dickinson who not only offers up additional conventional guitar but also some amazing slide guitar as well. The concert captures you right from the get go with “Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution” and it was one of my fast favorites from both the studio and live release. It was interesting to find the Robinson Brothers delivering this full release to the apparently very interested audience and it just goes to show you that not every bands following deals with such a project the same way. I say this because Iron Maiden presented their entire “A Matter Of Life And Death” for their fans a couple of tours ago and where chastised for it while bands like Dream Theater often do their full new release these days and have fans attending two or three shows in a row. Maybe those Southern Fried Blues Rock fans and the Progressive ones are a little more giving than the straight ahead Heavy Metal ones. I don’t know.
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PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2009: The Music Part 1

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I don’t think anyone is going to argue about 2009 going by like a train without brakes and yet here we are at the part of the year where we line out what we viewed to be “The Best” of the year in terms of albums, videos, concerts, events and books. We’ve aimed at making this a yearly thing and while it’s a lot of fun to share with you it’s also quite a bit of work; This is especially the case when you go way over a small list and keep on writing. With this this installment I’ll be offering up the albums that I got to listen to and liked the most out of the rest of them during the year. Sure we probably missed some that you are expecting to see here but you don’t get your hands on everything in this line of work no matter how you try. So sit back and relax and lets get to onto the main event.

The Best Albums Of 2009:

Mastodon “Crack The Skye” (Sire Records): Mastodon continually push their own musical envelope and this release finds them more a Progressive Psychedelic Rock outfit than a Metal band and the band’s following didn’t mind a bit based on the incredible music that was to be found on this one.

Epica “The Classical Conspiracy” (Nuclear Blast Records): Their 2nd effort for NB is this incredible concert experience that finds the band presenting mostly film score classics and then their greatest numbers with a full orchestra accompanying them. A wonderful experience and one that will impress the most difficult of fans – my hope is that this comes out on DVD sometime soon.

Heaven And Hell “The Devil You Know” (Rhino Entertainment): The most anticipated release for the first half of the year would be this new “Sabbath” album and it did not disappoint at all. Nice and heavy and loaded from beginning to end with solid Metal memories. Hoping this lineup hangs around a lot longer before pursuing other projects.

KISS “Sonic Boom” (KISS Records): Whether you support the fact that a couple of new faces wear familiar makeup or not, the band released a strong album and offered a great batch of extras with it to boot. The Wal-Mart exclusive nature of it made it a best seller that was actually a lot of fun.

The 69 Eyes “Back In Blood” (The End Records): Thanks to producer Matt Hyde The 69 Eyes were indeed back to raw Goth Hard Rock basics and moving on from the glitz they were steadily approaching. Lots of catchy stuff on this one and let’s hope this direction maintains course.
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