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PiercingMetal Goes To Book Expo America 2011

OK so check this out. A few days ago I posted a narrative about my adventures at the Blog World Expo and New Media Conference that was held over at the Jacob Javits Center. The interesting experience was one that was very worth taking but I did feel that it could use some improvement to appeal to the kind of things that I am focused on as a provider of Internet viewpoints and how the Social Networking side works with them. Anyway, this particular event was being held on a lower level of the Javits while up in the larger main space was the Book Expo America for 2011. As I wandered the event with my good buddy Skeleton Pete I noticed a bunch of signs that said how the Book Expo participants were welcome to the Blog Expo. That made me curious about whether the reverse would be the case as well and indeed it was. As it turned out the participants of the Blog Expo were more than welcome to explore the Book Expo.

Since this was more of a side trip and not something that I had actually planned for coverage as the master and commander of the PiercingMetal brand, I added my notes and photographs to my personal blogsite PiercingKen.com; To check out some of the fun that was had during this additional adventure just click the photograph below. Hopefully when next years event comes around I will be able to attend and maybe even focus on the music and comic related entities who are scheduled to appear. Enjoy.

Click this photo for the Bookexpo America Article

Unlike the Toy Fair, this event is open to many different groups of people and I encourage any avid readers, bloggers and fellow members of the press to check it out. The official website link is below for your examination.

Official Website: http://www.bookexpoamerica.com/