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Wacken Open Air Festival Announces First Bands For 2022

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The Press Release:
After the festival has been postponed (discussed HERE), we are now looking forward to Wacken Open Air 2022: We can already unveil the first bands for W:O:A today, which will take place from August 4th to 6th, 2022. There are also first announcements for Wacken Wednesday on August 3rd, 2022!

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Jan Quiel from the booking team explains: “We want to move as much of the planned program into next year as possible and we are currently having highly positive discussions on it. Some bands already do have other plans for 2022, so we are more than happy to have great interest from new bands to join the line-up.”
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Avantasia @ Playstation Theater

Photo - Avantasia - 2016

Avantasia is in NYC for the very first time ever and you know yo don’t want to miss the Metal spectacle that this will be.

Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia Announce North American Dates

Hip, Hip – Hooray! Hip, Hip – Hooray!!! At long last Tobias Sammet is bringing his Metal Opera “Avantasia” to the USA and according to the press release that hit my desk not too long ago, will be doing three dates in total on this side of the pond. I’ve culled those dates along from the press copy. Check it out below.

Photo - Avantasia - 2016

“Don’t miss AVANTASIA on their upcoming world tour when they make 3 stops in North America! Catch them on April 11th at the House of Blues Anaheim in California, on April 13th at the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Toronto, Ontario, and on April 15th at the Playstation Theater in New York City!”

North American Dates:
4/11/2016: Anaheim, CA – House Of Blues
4/13/2016: Toronto, ON – Queen Elizabeth Theater
4/15/2016:: New York, NY – Playstation Theater

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Okay my Metal Legions, this is going to be something truly fantastic to behold because to the best of my knowledge, Avantasia has never been to the USA in all of their fifteen year existence. I remember reading something somewhere that they played in Quebec at a music festival but that is not a date here and especially not in what I feel is the epicenter of music – New York City. Now is your chance to support and witness something extraordinary while you have the chance. Its also a chance for you to be ahead of the game on numerous other Metalheads by bearing witness to the NYC or California shows since its only going to these two stops in the states and another in Toronto. You can think you are all about the Metal all you want but if you should bypass something as unique and interesting as this you hardly impress me with the statement. Dare to be different, dare to break free of the pack that supports the same old bands over and over and over again and lend some love for the grandiose opulence that will be the Avantasia show. Are you with me?

Official Website: http://www.AVANTASIA.net

Update 2/10/2016: Tickets for the NYC show are available now so act fast and click HERE to lead to a purchase medium. It’s a tad pricey but this is going to be a spectacular and very long performance so worth every penny.

PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2008: The Music

If you have been observing the releases that came upon us during 2008 then you will agree that this was a tremendous year for Metal. We’ve noted in our editorial that it felt like the year of the comeback as much as it delivered new bands that we hope will shine far into the future. The multi-faceted genre that makes up our Metal not only delivered quality music releases but also DVD’s, Books and Concerts that left you sore and with that in mind we are lining out some of the best stuff that we felt was delivered. In this installment I will only be giving the tip of the hat to the best albums for 2008 since I liked a lot of them. Doing it like this lets us all keep a proper focus. Here we go.

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The Best Albums Of 2008:

Eluveitie “Slania” (Nuclear Blast Records): Pagan/Folk Metal of resounding proportions. I loved this one and played it quite a bit.

Meshuggah “Obzen” (Nuclear Blast Records) – Reminding us with every groove and spine crushing riff that they are one of the most powerful Metal bands on the planet. If this is news to you, then get with the program.

Journey “Revelation”(Columbia Records): New singer, new album, new versions of classic material & a DVD concert all in one package? Truly this is a standout release from the Rock legends.

Whitesnake “Good To Be Bad” (SPV Records): It’s as if no time had passed by and this CD came out after the juggernaut self-titled album from the eighties. Great work guys.

Def Leppard “Songs From The Sparkle Lounge” (Universal Music): I haven’t liked a Def Leppard album in years and was set on giving them up entirely until this one came out and showed us that they still had it in them.
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