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On Point For “HIM Photographs” by Ville Juurikkala @ Morrison Hotel Gallery

In two days, the Finnish music sensation known as HIM will take to the stage of the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC for the very last time. This show marks the end of their North American tour and then its back to Europe and eventually Finland where they will close the book on the band with a final show on New Year’s Eve. In honor of the historic tour, photographer Ville Juurikkala has come to New York City and is showcasing a number of band photographs that he has taken over the years at the awesome Morrison Hotel Gallery. I’ve noted before that Juurikkala has pointed the lens at other great Finnish artists like Michael Monroe, The 69 Eyes, Amorphis and even Nightwish. This show is all about His Infernal Majesty however (and no, they don’t call themselves that anymore in case you wondered). I hit the gallery a little early to get a few minutes with Ville so I could share the scoop with those of you who would never be able to be there for yourself. Here’s Ville in front of two works that I liked a lot.

him photos exhibition, ville juurikkala, morrison hotel gallery

him photos exhibition, ville juurikkala, morrison hotel gallery
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Opening Tonight: “Show Me What You’re Made Of” by D. Randall Blythe @ Sacred Gallery NYC

You know him as the voice behind the incendiary Metal might of Lamb Of God and now is your chance to see another side of the talent inside of Mr. D. Randall Blythe in a photographic exhibition entitled “Show Me What You’re Made Of”. The presentation opens this evening at The Sacred Gallery in NYC. I’ve borrowed bits of the Press Copy for your indulgence so please do read on.

Photo - Randy Blythe - Show Me What Youre Made Of Exhibit - 2015

Says Blythe about the exhibition:

“I’ve been lucky enough to travel literally around the world several times for my job, and for the last few years I have carried a camera with me everywhere I go. Show Me What You’re Made Of will showcase fine art prints of what I consider to be some of the most striking images that I have collected, both at home and during my travels. The body of work is quite diverse, and in an attempt to highlight that diversity, all the photos will be shown in custom made frames made of reclaimed wood, adding to the individuality of each piece. The frames are made by my friend, Richmond, VA musician Greta Brinkman (former bassist for Moby, The Deborah Harry Band, White Cross, and currently with RVA doom merchants Drug Lord). I am especially pleased to have my first exhibit at Sacred Arts, a gallery with
such a solid connection to my community- the underground music and arts scene. I hope to see as many of you as possible at the opening, so come on out, check out some photography, and be sure to say hi to me and Greta!”

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Randy’s thought process behind the body of work to be seen says enough for me because I find myself doing similar things in my own daily adventures. It’s great to simply carry a camera around with you (and I don’t mean just the one on your phone) but a real one whether it be an SLR or a quality point and shoot. You never know just what you are going to see and wish to document. I am looking forward to this since it lets me see another side of an artist I admire for his Metal accomplishments and whose Instagram account I have enjoyed as well. I linked it below for the rest of you to peruse and follow afterward. I’ll be hitting the opening night ceremony and hoping to be able to present it to you in the same fashion that I did with my Beatles Photographs and Ron English narratives. That style seems to be enjoyed most by the readers who will never be able to be there in person so let’s see what is permitted to happen. Stay tuned.

“Show Me What You’re Made Of” by D. Randall Blythe will run from May 2nd to June 30th. Check the Sacred Gallery website for showcase times and access requirements. They are located at 424 Broadway in NYC.

Official Websites:
Sacred Gallery: http://www.sacredgallerynyc.com
D. Randall Blythe on Instagram: https://instagram.com/drandallblythe/

PiercingMetal Attends The Ron English Art Opening in NYC

Logo - Ron English

Yes its true, I don’t only do things that are associated with the Heavy Metal music scene and sometimes I like to venture out to other events and affairs that I am asked to join in on. I felt that when something is on the interesting side that I would line it out in the Musings Blog for you all to enjoy and well if I am wrong here just hang around idle until I muse about something a little more Metal. One such adventure was my invitation to the Ron English art exhibit which was held at The Opera Gallery in Soho, NYC. Ron’s publicist is someone I deal with very often in the way of reviews for her client rosters CD’s and DVD’s so when I get a personal invite to something a little off my beaten path I like to see what the skinny is going to be. So after a nice Vietnamese dinner at my favorite place for the stuff down in China Town my friend and I headed over to Soho to find the Opera Gallery. For those curious diners reading the blog, I went to Nha Trang and you can read more about adventures there in my blog called My Dinner (or Lunch) With Sonata Arctica. It’s a restaurant that I highly recommend and so far everyone who has joined me there has agreed that its awesome.
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