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NBC Dons “The Cape” To Fight Crime & Injustice (1/9/2011)

I’ve touched upon my interest in the superhero side of the entertainment realm by mentioning about my almost lifelong appreciation for the comic book medium and the adventures of great heroes such as Spider-Man, Batman, Superman and The Fantastic Four to name a choice few. It was one of the main reasons that I enjoyed being a member of the press at the 2010 NY Comic Con & Anime Festival and all of this brings me to the reason for this particular posting. It seems as though NBC is taking a plunge into the heroic action-adventure line of programming once again by offering us a show called “The Cape”. The show poster is below.

Poster - The Cape TV Show

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Buckcherry & Hellyeah: The Jagermeister Music Tour 2011

Logo - Jagermeister Musictour

The fine folks who handle the press for the Synergy Entertainment Group asked me to share this video with you readers and since we just knew that you would eat it up, we kindly obliged. The short video features the band Buckcherry (an often mentioned favorite of That Metal Show’s Eddie Trunk) as they discuss the upcoming 2011 Jagermeister Music Tour which they will be headlining.  To make matters more interesting this event will feature Hellyeah as their direct support (you know, that Outlaw Metal band that features Vinnie Paul of Pantera and a couple of the guys from Mudvayne). To kick things up a notch we also get All That Remains who kick many levels of ass and the brand new project from Anthrax and Fall Out Boy members with The Damned Things.  Check out the video and make sure you get your tickets for the performance in your town before they sell out.

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Ka-Pow, Zok, Whamm! Presenting “PiercingComics”

piercingcomics logo, piercingmetal comics

Perhaps I should explain what I am talking about. For many, many years I was a comic book collector and as result have several thousand of them in various locations of the city and even some in our illustrious PiercingMetal Command HQ. I’ve freely admitted that I have been close to a lifelong fan of the adventures of Batman, Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Green Lantern, The Avengers and at this point far too many others to even list. My appreciation of the medium led me to give an overview on a comic book that featured Norway’s own Dimmu Borgir called “Dimmu Borgir: The Dark Fortress” and only last month I attended the NY Comic Con for 2010 as a member of the accredited press. This was my first comic convention in years and it was super exciting to be able to present my findings to the fans of my website and blog. I’ll be hitting similar events going forward using the “Convention Adventures” category. So without any further adieu I would like to announce the beginning of the “Comic Booking It” category here on the PiercingMetal Musings Blog. Queue dramatic music and stop 🙂
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Airing Tonight: “That Metal Show” Season 6

Six, Six, Six…..the number of the Season and I am sorry for misappropriating the classic Iron Maiden tune but yes my friends tonight is the debut of the Sixth Season of VH1 Classics “That Metal Show” which is hosted by Eddie Trunk and company. As this is something a lot of the Metal fans are excited about, I like to keep in tune with you by doing a quick broadcast post such as this for a reminder.

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New York Comic Con 2010 Begins Today!!!!

Have I ever mentioned to you readers that I am a major comic book geek? If I haven’t then let me put that on the table right now. I was a big time collector of the medium for many, many years and only recently cut back on the stuff based on space and financials being needed for other things in life.

Anyway, that being said I am super excited about my being a member of the attending press for the 2010 NY Comic Con and Anime Festival which will be held at the Jacob Javits Center over the next few days. You might be surprised at my saying that this is the first year that I have ever attempted such a feat as a professional and while I agree that I should have been doing this for years already; I just never got around to setting the whole thing up. My plan is to cover this event as extensively as possible and that means lots of photographs and lots of narrative views. The Javits Center is a huge space and I have heard many stories from media colleagues and friends who attended in the recent past about this being a crushing amount of humanity to contend with. I will be going on all of the days and starting with my semi-private voyage of the Press Time so wish me luck.

Official Website: http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/