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PiercingMetal Celebrates 15th Anniversary of YouTube Channel

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Greetings my awesome Metal and Geek friends, it seems that we’ve hit another cool milestone for the outlet and need to aim the spotlight over to the Official PiercingMetal YouTube Channel which celebrates it’s own 15th Anniversary of existence today. This comes a little over a week after the actual 18th Anniversary of the PiercingMetal website which I discussed in a post that you can find by clicking HERE. This post is to reflect on some of the YouTube ideals and what I’ve done with it over this length of time and some of the stuff that I’ve learned about it all.

In the notice about the YouTube 10th Anniversary, I mentioned how I had first launched this Channel about three years after the birth of the PiercingMetal website and while it had existed as a “thing” for a few years by then, I never really knew what to do with it. I was so locked into the traditional reporting and the photography and never saw myself as what I referred to as a “Talking Head” to the screen. Eventually I would begin adding some live concert videos to the Channels content base but I really don’t do many of those anymore as they can trigger the copyright strikes and no one wants those hitting their Channel. I will say that the 10th Anniversary set me on a better creative path even though it wasn’t always a continuous one since I have other things keeping me busy on the website and the myriad amount of social media profiles that come part and parcel in the world of online publishing. For historical purposes I’ll reflect on the first video that I published on the Channel once more because everything has to start somewhere. This was the band Eluveitie at the Gramercy Theatre and I just love the sound that they bring to life onstage and I guess back then I had recorded it to post in hopes of getting more people into some of the more interesting bands I was getting to see. Funny thing is that I actually caught them a few weeks ago at the very same venue but the only video I did was one of the YouTube Shorts.   

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PiercingMetal Celebrates 10th Anniversary On Instagram (9/15/2012-9/15/2022)

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Hello my Friends!!!! I am here once more to do that announcement stuff for one of our most used social media accounts which is The Official Instagram for PiercingMetal which I have now been using for ten full years. The actual anniversary date was on 9/15/2022 but I didn’t have a photo posted for the day and instead decided to use one from today since it was also “Batman Day”. We paid a visit to our friends over at Galaxy Comics and did some photos and video stuff to help raise awareness and I was glad since I did need a photo to go along with any Instagram discussion.

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MTV Celebrates It’s 40th Anniversary (1981-2021)

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It was forty years ago today when MTV first went live on the television waves and began entertaining the masses with music videos and commentary from their video disc jockeys or VJs as they became known as. Historically speaking, MTV launched with the video by The Buggles and their song “Video Killed The Radio Star” which I’ve embedded for your viewing pleasure down below. Though I’m a tried and true Metalhead, I’ve always had a soft spot for some of the New Wave classics and this song is one of my favorites to this very day. Enjoy.

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Tweet This: Today Marks PiercingMetal’s 10th Twitterversary

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I am not lying to you when I say that I cannot believe that I have been using Twitter for “10” years as of this point in time. Frankly speaking, I don’t think I have even touched upon the social network here on the website outside of suggesting that our readers follow us in an occasional post. We signed up in 2009 for PiercingMetal and were told that it was “the hot thing to do” at the time. I discussed this move as a part of a series of social networking narratives and you can find the thoughts on this course of action by clicking HERE. The link will bring you to the focused Twitter thoughts of the time and that is way back in early 2010. Below you will find a screen captured JPG of that profile’s very first tweet.

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PiercingMetal Celebrates 10th Anniversary of YouTube Channel

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Hails and hellos my friends, I’m here once more to shine a spotlight on one of the networks where you can find some PiercingMetal activity that falls outside of the general content of the actual dotcom.  I’m talking about the one and only YouTube and I’m here to say that our own “Official PiercingMetal Channel” on this network is ten years old effective today.

When I turn back the pages in our own website history, the site itself had only celebrated its own third anniversary a little over a week before since the sites birthday is 4/4/2005. So not only are we hitting 10 years of YouTubing, but the PiercingMetal outlet is on its “Lucky 13th” Year of online publishing. Of course, I’m not here to talk about that but if you are interested just click HERE for that article. Suffice it to say when I created my account on YouTube for PiercingMetal use back on this day, I wouldn’t get around to even posting on it until early 2011 which was almost three full years later. I regret this now and wish I had paid better attention to what could be done with this but one can’t cry over the spilt milk right. Back then I was seeing a lot of live music clips on the medium so I did one of those myself while sitting at the Gramercy Theatre enjoying a rousing set by the Nuclear Blast Records artist Eluveitie. It was a simple way to dive into this as I’d already wasted three years by doing nothing than pressing “create account”, but truth be told I wasn’t sure how I wanted the website to be portrayed here. Thinking back on it all I guess that didn’t run with it straight away because I didn’t want so many other things to take you away from the actual website. You might not realize this but when you are a publication the reps you deal with ask for traffic and numbers and site retention but honestly I don’t think a lot of them even know what all that stuff means. I come from IT and understand more deep technology than some others so I always have stats mentally up to do. That all said, below is the first-ever PiercingMetal YouTube Channel video; “Inis Mona” by Eluveitie. I used a little SONY point and shoot from the seated area at the Gramercy Theatre.   

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