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Aurelio Voltaire Announces “Sweet 16” Tour w Bella Morte

The summer is going to get a lot darker as two Gothic Rock acts unite on the same stage in a celebration of many years of friendship and love of the macabre. Yes, Voltaire is heading out with Bella Morte and you can see his official statement along with the poster and dates below. Sink your teeth into that.

The Press Release:
Going on tour this August with my friends Bella Morte!!! After successful tours of Australia and Germany, Aurelio Voltaire brings the show home for a full USA tour. The Sweet 16 Tour celebrates the 16 years of friendship, touring and dark music shared with this tour’s main support act, Bella Morte. Voltaire and Andy Deane met in Pittsburgh in 2001 at their first show together and have been close friends ever since, waving at each other at festivals and even contributing to each others’ projects. What both artists share is a love for dark music, horror and the macabre, while still being very positive and happy people. Come meet them at any of these 26 cites and spend a night with two of the friendliest Gothic guys you could ever hope to meet!
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Gorgeous Frankenstein @ B.B. King Blues Club (9/7/2008)

Logo - Gorgeous Frankenstein

Artist: Gorgeous Frankenstein
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Johnny B. Morbid, Car Bomb, Bella Morte
Date: 9/7/2008
Label: Evilive Records

Tonight’s show was going to find me exhausted long before I even walked in to the venue for it seemed as only a few hours before that I was leaving the show that the legendary Carcass had held over at the nearby Nokia Theater. The band headlined a six band bill and to do the Metal thing properly we were on point for every single band and this show started early and ended late. Since Sunday’s show was to feature another influential musical personality I had to muster my strength and get myself back into action for it. The guitarist who is well known as Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein comes to us originally from The Misfits and while he had appeared at a number of Danzig shows for the brief Misfit set, he had not done that in awhile and was now adventuring out on his own. The band is called Gorgeous Frankenstein and the show would be at our home away from home B.B. King Blues Club and find three other interesting acts in tow. Figuring we saw some special stuff the night before by arriving early we opted to do so again and see what transpired. Here is the way that the night played out.
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Bella Morte @ Knitting Factory (10/8/2008)

Metropolis Records’ own Bella Morte was doing a gig at The Knitting Factory and the interesting thing was that we were hanging around upstairs for the Watain show this very same evening. Lucky for us, the set times being so different, we were able to do reviews of both bands. Those interested in this Gothic Metal band can scroll past the logo below to be brought to the article.

Artist: Bella Morte
Venue: Knitting Factory: The Tap Room (New York, NY)
Opener: unknown
Date: 10/8/2008
Label: Metropolis Records

I caught Bella Morte recently when they were performing as the direct support for Gorgeous Frankenstein on the bands brief summer tour and if you are a Horror Punk fan that doesn’t know about them, well let me pause briefly to bring you up to speed. Gorgeous Frankenstein is an outfit that features former Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein as one of their roster and if you dig that brand of stuff then they are a recommendation. That particular show took place at the B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, a venue where I often feel that I have taken up residence and what I enjoyed most about it was that it gave me the chance to see some bands that had escaped my notice up until that day. One of these bands was Bella Morte and this brings us to this article that you are currently reading.
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