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Check Out The “All-American Summer Concert Series” 2018 Lineup

The Scoop:
All-American Summer Concert Schedule has released their rundown of the free concerts that will be taking place on the FOX News Plaza on 48th Street just off the Avenue Of The Americas and its a wide gamut of stellar performers. Not only are these performances free of charge but they also serve up some BBQ ribs and chicken (unless I’m mistaken). There might even be beer which considering the time of the day that these take place is kind of weird but here is the list of shows for you to begin marking down as interest items on your mobile device of choice or one of those handy dandy day planners that use pen and paper. I think its awesome that they do this kind of thing and wish there were more events like this to share with you

The Concerts:
May 25: Lee Greenwood
June 1: Thompson Square
June 8: Mercy Me
June 15: 3 Doors Down
June 22: Lynyrd Skynyrd
June 29: Tobymac
July 6: Phil Vassar
July 13: Phillip Phillips
July 20: Dee Snider
July 27: Coming Soon
Aug 3: For King & Country
Aug 10: Cody Johnson
Aug 17: Scotty McCreery
Aug 24: Lee Brice
Aug 31: Scott Stapp

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As you might have noticed. There are not too many of the Heavy Rock and Metal artists this time around. That’s bound to happen since we live in a Pop Music world where the refurbished “American Idol” is airing again alongside the more dominating “The Voice”. Despite my efforts to be a part of more of these special showcases over the last couple of years I’ve only managed to catch the one that the legendary Alice Cooper did a few years ago. As they are free, its open to the general public and some folks get there when the rooster crows. Also everyone records every moment of them for their Facebook, Instagram and whatever the hell else they opt to chronicle their world on so space is very limited. If you come in as a civilian and are among the crowd no one stops you from snapping/shooting video. Even if you decide to blog about it or post your pictures to a branded account like I would do. Now, folks in the unaware should know that these events start super early in the morning which is not always an easy thing for me if I’ve been at a late ending concert or event the night before. Some friends of mine go to these concerts right before their regular workday and I guess its pretty safe to use the excuse that the MTA caused you to be late since their overall services suck so bad these days. Oh come on now, you know I am right about that. So let close this up by asking you which shows you find most interesting and that you would like to attend. You can share your scoop down in the comments section below. Sure there are only a handful that would be potentially documented on this site but you are not going to be shamed for finding interest in the others. I like seeing different stuff myself when I can work it out. Also, be aware that while I will be listing the most topical ones for our readership on our Events Calendar, the whole kit and kaboodle will be listed on The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken Calendar. Ciao for now.

Official Website: http://www.foxnews.com/category/shows/fox-friends/all-american-summer-concert-series.html

Alice Cooper: Live Photos @ Fox & Friends (8/14/2015)

Logo - Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper performed on the outdoor stage for Fox and Friends “All-American Summer Concert Series” yesterday and would rock the assembled masses in the morning summer heat like never before. The brief set was discussed in full on THIS LINK and now please enjoy our full photo gallery from the gig.

alice cooper, alice cooper live photos
Alice Cooper by Ken Pierce (2015)

alice cooper, alice cooper live photos
Alice Cooper by Ken Pierce (2015)

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Alice Cooper @ Fox News (8/14/2015)

Logo - Alice Cooper

Artist: Alice Cooper
Venue: Fox News Building “Fox and Friends”
Opener: n/a
Date: 8/14/2015
Label: Universal Music

Now while this was a very new event to me as a scribe, it seems as though the fine folks at Fox News have been holding this “All-American Summer Concert Series’ set of shows for a few years now. It’s a part of their “Fox and Friends” broadcast and this fantastic idea is one that lets the bustling streets of our Big Apple metropolis get a little louder nice and early in the morning. Historically I’ve heard of sets being done by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Loverboy and Bret Michaels and when I heard that the great Alice Cooper would be doing one of these shows, I knew that I had to be there. Now the way that this works out is that with the events being free to the general public you need to get yourself in place nice and early to get the best spot to see the show. They also set up some kind of a free BBQ and that is a major attraction especially if you would like a little ribs with your morning coffee and newspaper. I didn’t get to sample any of this but I pretty much draw the line at hot dogs and cold pizza for breakfast if I must have them. Suffice it to say there was a LOT of people already there by the time I arrived and that makes sense since this is Alice Cooper we are talking about. Cooper is currently touring with Motley Crue who is on their “Final Tour” adventures and according to reports his opening set is a fantastic one.

alice cooper, alice cooper live photos
Alice Cooper by (Ken Pierce (2015)

Alice would open up with “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and sadly while I could hear the tune clearly I was out of the way on the side so visuals were compromised while I waited to be able to go over to the concert area. At first I believed the tune to be a sound check but I felt that was not the case once “I’m Eighteen” kicked into gear. I had to say that Alice and company sounded pretty damned good and the rigid corporate offices around us had to be getting a shocking wakeup call from the thundering Metal Rock that was being dished out. Cooper’s band consists of Chuck Garric (Bass), Nita Strauss (Guitar), Ryan Roxie (Guitar), Tommy Henriksen (Guitar) and Glen Sobel (Drums) and I had to say that it was interesting to find him touring with three axe slingers. Hey if it works for Iron Maiden why wouldn’t it work for the guy that preceded so many others. I missed “Under My Wheels” based on the vantage point and getting ready time but was back out just before they kicked into “Poison”. While Cooper waited for the signal that the network was ready someone on the side of the stage brought out a chicken which caused quite a bit of laughter from the crowd and Coop. Don’t worry folks the chicken is fine and didn’t get tossed into the audience like its distant relative so many years ago. For “Poison” the whole audience was singing along and Alice would point to various members of the audience calling them poison and it was just being eaten up.
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