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Nuclear Blast Announces Comic-Con@Home Exclusives and Live Streams

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The Press Release:
For the first time in its 50-year history San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC), the annual pop-culture celebration, announced that there will be no Comic-Con in 2020. In light of this gut-wrenching news, SDCC is keeping the tradition alive and presents Comic-Con@Home 2020! For the first time ever, people around the globe will get free access to prestigious exclusives and panels that bring over 130,000 people to San Diego, California every July. This being our 15th year as exhibitors at Comic-Con, Nuclear Blast is pleased to announce our participation in Comic-Con@Home 2020!

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Join us at https://www.nuclearblast.com/comicconathome for exclusive products, live streams, and more! Products will go live on Wednesday, July 22. Sign up to the Nuclear Blast Newsletter to be the first to be notified when exclusives are live!
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Testament Announces North American Tour

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The Press Release:
Legendary bay area thrash metal giants TESTAMENT are proud to announce their North American 2020 tour. The 30-date trek will kick-off in Phoenix on April 20th and will make stops in Austin, Mexico, and Toronto before concluding in Anaheim on May 28th. Joining them on the tour are THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, label mates MUNICIPAL WASTE and MESHIAAK.

“I’m super excited about TESTAMENT’s tour with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and MUNICIPAL WASTE” states Alex Skolnick. “As much as we’ve enjoyed touring with bands who emerged before us, from our own time period and slightly later eras, it will be a fresh experience to share the bill with these two, both of whom formed in the new Millennium, each with a unique perspective and a sound unlike anyone else. It’ll be a fun night of music. Don’t miss it!»
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Metal Allegiance Announce Their Annual January Metal Assault In Anaheim

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Hey fiends, while I know you are finalizing your costume for whatever Halloween hootnanny you might be involved in, I’d like to call your attention to the annual NAMM appearance by Metal Allegiance at the House Of Blues. Check it out.

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The Press Release:
METAL ALLEGIANCE began as a celebration of heavy metal, powered by the almost tribal bond shared between the extreme music community’s most revered trailblazers, armed with a list of contributors onstage (and off) that read like a Wikipedia entry on the genre itself.

On January 16th, the band will assemble at The House Of Blues Anaheim for their annual winter assault. This marks the bands sixth year performing annually in Anaheim. The night will feature music from their self-titled album and their recent sophomore album, Volume II – Power Drunk Majesty as well as several special guests.
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Win A Ticket To Alex Skolnick @ The Cutting Room On 9/29/2019

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The Details: Alex Skolnick is a virtuoso guitar player whose name is well known in the Metal music scene for his wealth of work with the legendary Testament as well as thrilling music with Metal Allegiance and his own Alex Skolnick Trio. Now, Alex will be a part of the BackStory Events by Guitar World magazine where there will be chat, Q&A and some live music demonstrated. It’s going to be a great time for sure and thanks to the powers that be at The Cutting Room, some of the PiercingMetal readership will be attending this event for absolutely free. I’m excited since this will mark my first-ever ticket giveaway for The Cutting Room venue. Let’s go over some of the details on how you participate in this giveaway.

When and Where: Sunday, September 29th (7PM) at The Cutting Room; 44 East 32nd Street (NYC)

To Participate: I always seem to ask for three things so let’s keep that process in place. Interested parties need to submit “3” things about Alex’s musical contributions that you have found most impressive and how they inspired you. You can talk about any of the bands he has performed in, or a Guitar Showcase he might have publicly done or even some of the killer shows he has performed in. A bonus inquiry is why you need to be at this event. Convince me with the whole lot of them since these take time to compose and I make you do the same. Before you submit your entry, please be aware of some guidelines.
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Alex Skolnick @ The Cutting Room

You know him from Testament, Metal Allegiance, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and The Alex Skolnick Trio. Tonight he is a part of the Backstory Events and Guitar World series where it will be an energetic evening of talk, music, and celebration. Axe-slingers unite!!!