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“Mr. Rock ‘N Roll: The Alan Freed Story”

Mr. Rock ‘N Roll: The Alan Freed Story

Originally airing on NBC Television in 1999, this made for TV movie tells the story about the famous radio DJ Alan Freed who is credited as being the man who coined the phrase “Rock & Roll”. Back in 1951, the radio was king and the music scene was growing rapidly in the Rhythm & Blues genre but the times found it being seperated from the stations primarily listened to by a white audience and not getting any airplay whatsoever. The film takes some clear liberties in how Freed actually started his adventuring into the Rock & Roll sound I am sure, but the film is entertaining enough to make it something enjoyable to watch. Played by Judd Nelson, the film shows Freed as someone very genuine about the music he was helping to grow. They show him rising to great notoriety rather quickly but this is probably based on the constraints of this being a television film. We see Freed meet his sweetheart Jackie McCoy who becomes his wife and mother of his children. She is played by the lovely Madchen Amick who is apparently now a star of the current cable show “Californication”.
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