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“Ain’t No Jive – Live” (re-issue) by Bang Tango

Artist: Bang Tango
Title: “Ain’t No Jive – Live” (re-issue)
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Release Date: 3/8/2011
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3/5

As briefly discussed in the articles about the bands first two albums, “Ain’t No Jive – Live” completes the recently re-issued visit by the folks over at Metal Mind Productions who give us the MCA years of the Glam band Bang Tango. This recording was a quick attack of the band in action on the live stage and at only five tunes was a treat for their fans but at the same time a big “so what” from their naysayers. The band that was fronted by Joe LeSte had a couple of cool moments but with the rapid shift in what was happening in Rock & Roll and Metal, did not find the amount of necessary popularity that their diehards were assured was their destiny. The remained an underground entity despite all efforts and soon the band that also featured Mark Knight, Kyle Stevens, Kyle Kyle, and Tigg Ketler would become two separate entities using the same name.
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