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Swallow The Sun @ The Brooklyn Monarch

Swallow The Sun is back in Brooklyn for a doom-laden appearance at the Brooklyn Monarch. They will be joined by Abigail Williams, Wilderun and Solemn Vision.

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Swallow The Sun Announces U.S. Moonflowers Tour 2021

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According to the bands Facebook, this will be the third attempt at a US Tour with the previous attempts curtailed by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Having enjoyed the bands musical adventures for a few years now, I am happy to share the press release from their side of the fence with you down below. Read on.

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The Press Release:
Finnish death doom masters, SWALLOW THE SUN, have just announced their Moonflowers Tour 2021, which will included support slots from Abigail Williams and Wilderun. The band will be touring the U.S. starting November 20th in Mesa, AZ and wrapping on December 19th in West Hollywood, CA. Tickets are available for purchase, HERE.
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Metal Festival Tours Cancels “Devastation On The Nation” 2021 Tour

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The Press Release:
There is no easy way to put this. Devastation on the Nation Tour 2021 is canceled.

When we rescheduled the tour we thought that in a year everything would be okay again, but it still is not and we have no clear picture of what the future holds. More and more venues are closing down every month. This virus (COVID-19) has ruined everything for so many bands, musicians, and venues.

Even if the tour were to still happen in February/March of 2021, how many more venues will be closed down? What will the capacity restrictions be for each show? How will 3 out of 5 bands from a different country survive here IF the borders reopen? It’s impossible to know and at this point there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We will not reschedule again until we 100% know that it will be possible for the tour to happen and that the bands from outside of the US are able to come here.
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CANCELLED: Rotting Christ @ Saint Vitus Bar

The continued issues with live music events based on the Coronavirus Pandemic found this full tour being cancelled in the middle of 2020. Let’s hope all of these bands can come back somehow in the near future.

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The “Devastation On The Nation” Tour will set its sights on Greenpoint, Brooklyn for two shows. There is an early performance and a later evening one as well. You’ll need a ticket for each so why not come to both since you get Rotting Christ, Borknagar, Wolfheart, Abigail Williams and Imperial Triumphant.

The “Devastation On The Nation” Tour Postponed Amid Coronavirus Concerns

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The Statement:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are numerous states and cities on the Devastation On The Nation Tour that are putting bans on gatherings anywhere between 100-1000 people. On top of that, the President of the United States of America has put a travel ban in place for anyone coming from Europe to America for the next 30 days which starts Friday. Three out of the five bands on this tour are from Europe which are Rotting Christ, Borknagar, and Wolfheart. They were scheduled to fly here on March 18th. Unfortunately, as you can see, our hands are tied and we have no other choice than to postpone the Devastation On The Nation Tour.
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