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“We Are Twisted F**king Sister” [Blu-ray] by Twisted Sister

Artist: Twisted Sister
Title: “We Are Twisted F**king Sister”
Eagle Vision
Release Date:
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Documentary
Rating: 4/5

Before I begin the discussion about this particular music history documentary, I must make the readership aware that I have been listening to the band Twisted Sister for a number of decades now and began my own personal journey with them around the time that the “Ruff Cuts” EP was released. Believe it or not I still have a copy of it somewhere in my collection of albums. That being said I was super interested in observing the documentary that Andrew Horn put together because it was not only going to give us insight from all of the band members that we know from the classic lineup, it would also get some insight from a former member or two and the people that worked closely alongside them at the very beginning.
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Today Only: “We Are Twisted F**king Sister” @ Cinema Village (2/19/2016)

Attention NYC Twisted Sister fans; the brand new documentary “We Are Twisted F***ing Sister” is playing today at Cinema Village in NYC and there are four showings to choose from with the debut at 1:00PM. There is a 4:00PM, 7:00PM (and that one is followed by a Q&A with Jay Jay French and director Andrew Horn) along with a 10:00PM to choose from as well. Depending on your times of availability for the day you have some nice options but I would try and go to the one with the Q&A aspect since that should be interesting. Check out the poster below.

Poster - Twisted Sister - We Are Twisted F--king Sister - 2016

Just in case you missed my post from last month when I posted the trailer for the film, I have embedded that video below once more to keep it easy for you so you can see what you are in store for if you attend. It sure does look like fun and I cannot wait to see it as well. I don’t think I can attend today so will just have to rely on the DVD/Blu-ray release.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ll keep any additional thoughts about this to myself until I see the whole film and get to the review process. I will however leave you with the link to see all of our Twisted Sister related content on the website so you can be as up to date as possible. Just click HERE and it will bring you to everything that is tagged with the bands name. Have fun and if you have added thoughts about any of that Sister content feel free to leave your topical comments on the ones that speak to you the loudest.

Official Website: http://www.twistedsister.com

Watch The Trailer: “We Are Twisted F**king Sister” (2/2016)

Poster - Twisted Sister - We Are Twisted F--king Sister - 2016

The fine folks at Music Box Films have posted the trailer for the new documentary about Twisted Sister that is coming our way in February of this year. The film was acquired by MBF in terms of distribution and was directed by Andrew Horn and its title is “We Are Twisted F**king Sister” and you can watch the short trailer below. Don’t worry, I’ll be back afterwards with some thoughts.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: This looks like its a good one so I’m going to say that I am pretty excited for this film release since I have been a fan of Twisted Sister since I was in high school. Trust me my friends that was a very, very long time ago and I have been buying their albums since I first saw “Ruff Cuts” in the Hard Rock and Metal bins of stores like The Record Factory, Little Record Store, J&R Music World and Bondy’s. You’ll have to pardon me because I just sighed a little bit at those references since all of those outlets are long gone at this point in time. I hope to get to see this film if they plan any sort of theatrical release but if I don’t you can be rest assured that an overview of the Blu-ray will hit the website as soon as possible. Seeing some of the archival footage of the band in concert in this trailer makes me hope that we can count on some full concerts from these eras if the band is able to deliver them to us. Let’s be hopeful about that since its clearly for a set group of fans for sure. PiercingMetal has been writing about Twisted Sister since the website launched and you can peruse all of our SMF content by clicking HERE (it will launch a query based on the tag “twisted sister”). So tell me readers what do you think of this trailer and will you be seeing the Twisted Sister movie or purchasing it on DVD/Blu-ray? Let me know in the comments section because its always great to hear what fans think of things like this.

Official Website: http://www.twistedsister.com

Twisted Sister Names Mike Portnoy As New Drummer

Back on March 20th, 2015 the Metal World said goodbye to drummer A.J. Pero who passed away of a heart attack while on tour with Adrenaline Mob. PiercingMetal reflected upon that loss in THIS MEMORIAL. Earlier today the members of Twisted Sister released a bit of press announcing Pero’s replacement for their touring obligations and how this will lead to the disbanding of the mighty band. Check that out below along with some photos that I snapped of Mike Portnoy on the drums at other shows.

Logo - Twisted Sister


The Press Copy:
New York, NY (April 8, 2015)—It was with heavy hearts that Twisted Sister said goodbye to their drummer A.J. Pero, who passed away on March 20.
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Shocking!!! Twisted Sister’s A.J. Pero Passes Away (3/20/2015)

Logo - Twisted Sister

It’s with great sadness that I must announce that drummer A.J. Pero of Twisted Sister and Adrenaline Mob has passed away. Reports are minimal at the point of this writing since it is absolutely a recent occurrence but the bands brief official statement can be found below:

“The members of Twisted Sister are profoundly saddened to announce the untimely passing of our brother, AJ Pero; The band, crew and most importantly the family of AJ Pero thank you for your thoughts and prayers at this time”.

The members of Adrenaline Mob who AJ was currently touring with added their own statement which I am putting in the memorial as well.

“We write this with tears in our eyes & our hearts broken to pieces.. our beloved brother AJ Pero peacefully passed away in his sleep this morning on the bus. We are in complete shock & our hearts & prayers go out to his family. It has been nothing short of an honor to have shared the stage with such a beautiful soul & legend! We love you AJ, rest in peace. We will cherish this last picture we all took together on tour forever! What a great night we had… we’ll miss you buddy!”


A.J. was born Anthony Jude Pero in 1959 and was a longtime Staten Island resident. He joined Twisted back in 1982 and was responsible for the drumming on some of the bands most influential works. Speaking personally, Pero was one of my own favorite drummers when I was learning the craft as I found his power and solid manner of playing to be right up my alley. One of my favorites to do in his style was “What You Don’t Know”, and this song actually helped me firm up interest in a band that I had no idea I was auditioning for at the time. Sigh. Pero would not be a part of the Sister lineup when he briefly rejoined Cities. Sister activity would be light for many years after until their 2001 return to recording and performance and it was awesome to hear the pounding thunder of Pero back on the kit for their reunion shows and eventual Twisted Christmas gigs. Over the years I was fortunate enough to meet him for a hot second after shows and he seemed quite the cool cat who was very interested in the support he was being given. When Twisted Sister performance activity slowed down based on various reasons and projects, Pero joined up as the latest member of Adrenaline Mob alongside Russell Allen and Mike Orlando. His input worked with the ever changing sound of the band for sure.
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