“Sympathy For The Devil” (Live) by The Hellacopters & Papa Emeritus IV (Ghost) from “På Spåret”

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Just as I was wondering what I was possibly going to share with the readership next came the alert about the brand new face of Ghost in Papa Emeritus IV who joined forces with The Hellacopters to deliver a stunning cover of the Rolling Stones “Sympathy For The Devil”. Apparently this was done for the Pa Sparet television game show that has broadcast in Sweden since 1987. Let’s take a look at the clip down below. Enjoy.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: In a word “FANTASTIC” but I’ve always been one who’s enjoyed when Ghost delivered a few covers since they tend to deliver an interesting version of the track. Now The Hellacopters are band that I was only ever able to see once and they kicked ass for sure. Back then I saw them with some different members of the lineup as I think that Dregen was still with the Backyard Babies. That show felt like so very long ago and now its important to remember that this voice of Ghost we get in Papa Emeritus IV is not a new one at all but is instead a raised from the original ranks Of Cardinal Copia. The Hellacopters only seem to compliment the singers tone for the track and one has to hope that when Ghost returns to touring that they bring a band like this along with them for the run. What did you think about this tune? Are you finally sold on the sound of what Ghost can bring to the table? Will this maybe even find you looking into something by The Hellacopters? Chime in down below as we’d love to hear from you. Happy Weekend, stay safe out there.

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