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Super7 Reveals: “King Diamond” Ultimates Action Figure

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The Press Release:
Do you want heavy? Super7 gives you heavy! Emerging from the darkest corner of heavy metal is the legend King Diamond! As one of heavy music’s most revered icons, King Diamond casts an imposing presence and Super7 is honored to welcome him to our ULTIMATES! Figures Collection. This made-to-order deluxe 7″ highly articulated figure features King Diamond from the classic Mercyful Fate era of the early-1980s. The figure is lavishly detailed and painted and features an epic assortment of interchangeable accessories:

super7, super7 action figures, king diamond, king diamond action figure

* Body with sculpted vest with leather texture detail and bullet belt.
* Three (3) heads: Classic Corpse Paint, No Makeup with sunglasses, and Debut Mercyful Fate appearance (not shown)
* Soft Goods: Black Cape with red lining and high-collar, Cloth rags (not shown) for arms and wrists
* Two (2) pairs of fists
* Two (2) pairs of gripping hands (not shown)
* Two (2) pairs of Expressive hands
* One (1) right hand throwing “The Horns”
* Two (2) Necklaces: Crucifix and Pentagram Chains to go around his neck (not shown)
* Goat Skull
* Blood-filled Skull Chalice
* Bone cross Microphone

King Diamond will also come packaged in a deluxe slip case-style box.Available for a limited time, this is a must-have for all King Diamond fans! Stay heavy.

super7, super7 action figures, king diamond, king diamond action figure

super7, super7 action figures, king diamond, king diamond action figure

super7, super7 action figures, king diamond, king diamond action figure

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Unholy Sh*t!!! Does this look amazing or what? As a lot of you know, we see the Super7 offerings at Toy Fair each year since they began attending the trade show and we just love everything they do. For the newbie, the company is most famous for their line of ReAction figures which are sized like the original “Star Wars” figures that Kenner released so many years ago. The articulation is less than a figure like this one is of course but with collections for Iron Maiden, Misfits, Universal Monsters, Transformers, Slayer, Megadeth and so many more you are going to start signing over your paycheck to them if you are a collector of things related to Heavy Metal. Now remember this is a made to order action figure so if you want one you are going to need to order it or speak to a retailer who plans on ordering a stockpile of them to have it set aside. This is my first look at their “Ultimates” line and I can only imagine the other great things that are to come after this one. Since the virus outbreak has found me a little light on “mad money”, I might not be getting this to quickly myself but if the Ko-fi takes off maybe I will order one just the same. What do you readers think about this figure? Will you be ordering one? Chime in down below in the comments section. See you next time around.

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