Sumerian Comics Debuts @ New York Comic Con 2022

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As you might already know, this past weekend was the massive media extravaganza known as New York Comic Con. It’s all put together by the fine folks at ReedPOP who fill up the spacious Javits Center with tens of thousands of like-minded fans of comics, artists and writers, pop culture, films and celebrities. Last year at this very same convention, I met the folks at Behemoth Records who had a whole lot of Metal going on and I added company founder Nathan Yocum to my series of creative briefs for the Official YouTube Channel. If you’ve interest in seeing that piece just click play on the embedded clip below as Behemoth is the first interview in the set. Oh yeah and it would be wonderful if you also subscribed to that Channel but I digress.

When I began exploring the 2022 event I ran into many familiar faces from Behemoth Comics and noticed something different. They were now called “Sumerian Comics” as the Sumerian Record label purchased them back in March of this year which I confirmed in a Deadline sourced article link HERE. This was surely some cool news and in discussion with Nathan about this news learned that Sumerian was going to be adding all sorts of interesting comic book content that would work with their artist base and beyond. This is pretty cool news since some of the acts include Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, Bad Omens, Poppy and the legendary Smashing Pumpkins to name a few. Since they were still Behemoth in March and were Sumerian Comics now, the 2022 New York Comic Con marks their convention debut and what an event to present to the masses at. I was told that more than 150K attendees were milling about on Saturday and Sunday.

According to some additional research, the October solicits that once said Behemoth Comics now are listed on Diamond as Sumerian Comics so you are going to want to update your pull list at the comic book store when you pay your next visit to make sure that you still get them. Titles to be mindful of are as follows “You Promised Me Darkness”, “A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night”, “MFKZ”, “Watch Dogs: Legion” and “Sara Lone”. I will follow up this brief narrative with a rundown of the October solicits like we often do with Marvel and DC Comics output.

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During the final day of the New York Comic Con, Sumerian Records and Film founder Ash Avildsen was there and I was able to say hello and take a “Team Photo”. I told him that I was very excited about the news and think all the fans of the Sumerian Records artist base will be as well since there is so much creativity across the board and now the chance to own even more specialized comic books. To date I must admit that I have not yet read any of the former Behemoth Comics now Sumerian Comics output but I am interested in a few of them like “Sara Lone” and “Illusion Witch”. The table looked busy at NYCC 2022 which I was happy to see being the case and the whole group is looking forward for what’s to come. They even have some awesome t-shirts which I added to our YouTube as a new “Short”.

Congratulations Sumerian Comics and welcome to your first official New York Comic Con. I can’t wait to see what is coming down the pike. As we learn more about the upcoming comics we shall add them to the context of our Pop Culture – Comics section. What are you readers hoping comes of this exciting new collaboration? Chime in down below and I will see you next time. Oh and before I forget there is a brand-new interview about Sumerian Comics coming to the YouTube Channel, its part of series I did this year. Each day is being scheduled as we did them. More from New York Comic Con is coming and to see the stuff posted so far just click the hyperlinked text.


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