“Stay Wild” by Syka

Artist: Syka
Title: “Stay Wild”
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 7/17/2015
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

I’ve had the Syka “Stay Wild” EP on my to do list for a little longer than I planned and as someone who has seen the group in action on the live stage a handful of times by now felt that I should throw together some thoughts about this rather solid offering. For those still new to the name, Syka is a young up and coming Hard Rock band from the New Jersey side of the metropolitan area and I should let you know that they refer to their sound as “Dark Glam”. After spinning the CD a few times I’ll totally agree with that but of course Hard Rock works pretty well too. Fronted by the talented and beautiful Jesyka, the band delivers a power packed punch that quickly makes you realize that this group means business and is willing to deliver a solid product to your musical mind. It all starts off with “Shock Me” where we get some slower textures in the track until it kicks in with a crescendo that truly showcases the register that Jesyka possesses along with a crunching riff from guitarist Greg Sgar. “Stay Wild” would follow this and struck me as the kind of song that one might expect to hear in a movie soundtrack since it’s a fast paced and just made me think of the band playing on a stage at some venue while the cast did their stuff around them. That might sound strange but in any case it was during this one that I found myself tapping the table and singing along to the words that I knew.

I’ll skip to the closing track and leave you readers with some mystery and on “Suffer In Silence” we get a nice ballad type intro with Jesyka playing piano before the song gets heavier while still maintaining that Power Ballad vibe. I love a good power ballad and I am happy to say that Jesyka pulls out the stops with her vocals on this one and the riffs are sharp as hell on it as well. As this played I envisioned the crowd around me holding up their mobile devices to illuminate the room. Of course back in the day we used to use lighters but since so few people are smoking out there and vaping instead, there is not a lot of need for small flame devices. If you don’t believe me, play the tune and see if you don’t find yourself waiving your hand back and forth to it with your smartphone in your hand. The full band is Jesyka (Vocals), Gregg Sgar (Guitar), Kareem ‘Jesus’ Devlin (Guitar), Gino Martine (Bass) and Steve Richards (Drums). All tracks on the EP are written by Jes, Greg and Kareem according to the lines notes which are on the CD booklet if you should purchase a physical copy of the album.

Now I need to address the packaging on this album because the band really went all out on it. It’s an eight-page color booklet that is loaded with band photos, lyrics and liner notes along with a dedication page and some other clever artwork. Remember that this is an unsigned band my friends and one who recorded this album without counting on fans to pay for the whole thing on a Pledge site like so many others seem to do. Back when I played, you worked extra hours doing anything to be able to pay for the music that you wanted your fans to buy and I truly happy to find Syka taking the same route. Now the Amazon.com link below will bring you to a digital download option for the album which is pretty much the way people are purchasing music these days but if you are like me and want the full on CD the band can get one to you as well. I recommend this option based on just how cool the whole thing came out. The release runs just under twenty minutes and will set you back about five bucks and its money well spent. I think that big things are in store for Syka if they keep smart and play their cards right. They’ve been getting some good shows under their belt and have won over some tough crowds as well in the times that I have seen them. Enjoy.

Track Listing:
1. Shock Me
2. Rattle The Cage
3. Suffer In Silence
4. Stay Wild

Official Website: http://www.syka.net

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