Starkill Announces “Shadow Over North America” Tour 2017

You’ll have to pardon me on this one since I didn’t seem to find any sort of official press mailer so either I missed it or one was not sent out. It’s a moot point anyway as the band members took to their social networking pages and made the announcement about their tour. I culled together two notices for you (essentially editing the later one right after the one that I had on this post date). Check out the skinny on the Starkill “Shadow Over North America” Tour.

The Statement:
Gonna be back out doing the thing in a few weeks. Let’s drink some rum and headbang. Tell yo’ kids, tell yo’ wife, tell yo’ friends. If you don’t see your city on there right now, you probably will in a few days. More dates being confirmed as we speak! Come see us blasting through our new album Shadow Sleep on our first-ever tour as a five-piece band! This is Sarah Lynn’s first tour with us a full-time member, and we have an incredible show planned, and will even be performing a brand-new song of our forthcoming record. Which shows will YOU be at? Spread the word!

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Wait a minute what???? New member? Why wasn’t I notified of this new development and an obvious shift in the galaxy shattering sound of these lads? Hmmm, perhaps I missed an email somewhere along the line but you know what that doesn’t matter at all and welcome to the band Sarah Lynn. I look forward to hearing what you can do and how your skills up the game for the band as they continue their climb towards the peaks of success. Sure that’s all a little creative jibber jabber in terms of how I’m speaking but you know what, I’ve seen Starkill about five times over the past couple of years and not only have I enjoyed them on the stages of my great Big Metal Apple, but I’ve even chatted and joked a bit with them at their merchandise booth and can speak plain truth about their awesomeness. They’re all great guys and a couple of them are big KISS fans so it’s easier for me to give them the nod of approval. I’m excited about the visit that they are making to NYC but have to see if I can make it since it’s on the holiday weekend. If not, I know that I will get another chance sooner than later. This is a band that I need more of you readers to get behind and believe me when I say trust me. I am not here to steer you wrong or make you listen to some horrible stuff. My goal is to build up your personal arsenal of Metal awesome and since it’s never too late to get into a band, you can set your coordinates on Starkill. Let me know what you think of this new tour announcement and the additional member. Especially if you’ve seen the band before and wish to convince people to come along in your line of thinking. I’m going to close this up now, I’ve got to get myself tickets to see “Wonder Woman”. You should do that as well since I am hearing good things so far and its only just opened.

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