Starkill Announces 2017 Headlining Tour

Christmas is right around the corner and for some fans of the Melodic Death Metal stuff, the presents have arrived a tad early as the band Starkill have just announced their first-ever headlining tour. Check out the bands official Facebook statement on the matter and I’ll return with some additional thoughts afterwards.

The Statement:
HEADLINING TOUR!!! Hey Starkillers, the time has finally come! We’re extremely excited to announce that after three years of rigorously touring the globe as support for many incredible international acts, we will now be doing our first US headlining tour, along with labelmates and heavy-metallers Spellcaster. Many of you for years have been requesting longer setlists, and now is your chance to catch us playing over an hour of material that will equally represent ALL THREE albums from our catalog. Please make sure to comment, share, and tag your fellow metalheads to ensure maximum exposure is ensured for this tour, as we need YOU to turn this into the party we’re all waiting for. See you all soon! – Parker Jameson

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ve been saying for years that fans who attend the shows should be arriving early enough to see the support acts because you never know what sort of wonders that you will witness up on the stage. There are far too many awesome groups out there who are generally locked into the first or second support slot on a massive band bill and by missing groups you don’t get your money’s worth. For me, Starkill is one of those bands that always helped to kick the night into gear but sometimes the legions were not all in attendance yet and were killing that last or second to last cold beverage. The time is now for all to listen a lot more closely to what comes next and this is the perfect time and place to begin the process. End public service announcement, so how awesomely awesome is it to learn of a Starkill headlining run? I think its uhm…awesomely awesome. I’ve seen the band at least four or five times now and had some fun exchanges with them at their merchandise table and can state that they are good dudes who really know how to engage you in music, on the stage and in person. That’s a Metal Trifecta for me my readers and while the sounds of Spellcaster still elude me I will be looking into them after the holidays. Let me know what you think about this tour down in the comments section and hey if you still need something to fill your Christmas stocking, how about a little Starkill music? There are links down below for you to use for the naughty or the nice. See you next time.

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