Staramba Presents: “Doro” Band 3D Figurines

As readers of the PiercingMetal Site are well aware, we have attended Toy Fair for several years to bring the latest and greatest stuff that speaks to our comic book and film related topics and sometimes there are awesome items that relate to one of the killer bands that get discussed on these pages. With that said, a company called Staramba has created scaled miniatures of Doro Pesch and her band. Check out the press below and some images and then I’ll return with personal opinion.

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The Press Release:
2015-10-26 – DORO Pesch has played more than 2,800 concerts in more than 60 countries across four continents in her thirty year plus career – and now the metal queen comes to your home, whenever you want, wherever you want, forever!

Staramba has made this incredible feat possible. From now on, the Berlin-based startup company offers DORO and her entire band as terrific 3D figures in different sizes. DORO and the band look incredibly realistic, this is due to the unique technology (photogrammetry scanner 3D Instagraph), which scans persons within a few seconds. Afterwards, lifelike and full-coloured figures emerge shift by shift in a highly-modern 3D printer.

The puppets made out of polymer plaster casts are the spitting images of the originals, only smaller. “The figures became absolutely super,” DORO states. “It’s a really interesting experience to hold yourself in your hands suddenly. I’m sure that the fans will love these new figures and they will get them all for their homes.”

Next to LINKIN PARK and SLASH, DORO is the third rock act that Staramba has created.

DORO Pesch and her band mates Johnny Dee (drums), Nick Douglas (bass), Bas Maas (guitars), Luca Princiotta (guitars) as well as Harrison Young (keyboards) are available now as a full package in the scale of 1:20 and 1:15 from the Staramba online shop. All band members are purchasable seperately for €30 – €295 in the scale of 1:20, 1:15, 1:10 and 1:7.

Let’s take a look at the Doro figurines below. All images are provided by the company.

Doro and Band by Staramba
Doro Pesch by Staramba
Harrison Young by Staramba
Johnny Dee by Staramba
Luca Princiotta by Staramba
Nick Douglas by Staramba
Bas Maas by Staramba

PiercingMetal Thoughts: While I do think that these figurines look nice, I have to say that they are for an extremely limited audience. Considering Doro’s Teutonic heritage I am going to assume that the figurines will go over well in the singers home country where this company resides as well, but I also think that only Doro will be the hottest seller of the bunch. This is not a slight to the other members of the band at all but let’s remember that these are not action figures and are only 3D miniature replicas so if you are not a super fan of the whole band as they exist in today’s world, you will order a Doro and be done with it. I am not a statue person myself, despite seeing some truly cool Batman offerings at the DC Direct booth at this year’s Toy Fair, but as far as musicians are concerned if its a statue that is not KISS, Motley Crue or something with a horrific visage and accessories to it I will be giving a pass. What do you readers think of these Doro figurines? Are they something that you are ordering for your display shelves? Let me know in the comments section below.

About Staramba: Founded in Berlin, Germany, Staramba is a fast growing startup company. We have established ourselves as pioneers of lifelike 3D printed figurines both: celebrities as well as ordinary people. Our expertise lies on creating custom-made 3D printed figurines with the best raw materials and state of the art machines. Moreover each figurine is partially handcrafted making it a unique figurine. More information about our products and company can be found on the link below.

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