Soto Announces Brief East Coast Tour In 2016

A little over week ago, the insanely sonic vocalist Jeff Scott Soto announced a brief tour of the East Coast side of the Metal fence as the band makes their way to the Monsters Of Rock cruise. I waited for some additional dates to be listed on their poster and have embedded it for you below. Check it out.

Tour - Soto - Winter 2016

This comes from Jeff care of the Official Facebook Page:

OK people, here you go…the week of Feb 22-26, SOTO will be on the Monsters of Rock Cruise but before that, we will be embarking on a short east coast run of dates as listed below. There may be 1-2 more added but I can’t say just yet so as not to get hopes up too high (see the routing and know its as we’re en route to FL!) Share the hell out of this, tell everyone you know to get their asses into these clubs so we can Stand Up And Shout together, finally, here in the US!!!

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Sorry that I didn’t list the dates themselves for you this time around but they are pretty easy to read on the poster. How cool is this news that his new band SOTO will be hitting some of the cool venues on our own coast. Having been to The Marlin Room a number of times since it opened up as a concert space I can only say that the fans are going to be able to get right up close to Jeff as he belts out note after note. IMHO (which means in my humble opinion for all you non with it type folks), JSS is one of the best singers in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. I loved his first albums with Yngwie so many years ago and have followed his career across various other projects when I learned of them. My hope is that he pays some attention to his beginning years as well as treating fans to the newer stuff. Perhaps we will even hear some Steel Dragon during the show. Are you readers excited about this tour? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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