“Sorceress” (Single) by Opeth

Artist: Opeth
Title: “Sorceress” (Single)
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 8/2/2016
Genre: Progressive Hard Rock/Metal
Rating: 4/5

Back in June the announcement about the band Opeth signing onto the Nuclear Blast Records roster was making all of the papers, oops I mean “websites” and it was a pretty big deal considering that they had been putting out some quality work on Roadrunner Records for a little over a decade. To keep you readers in the know, that news can be gleaned on THIS LINK if you have interest in the full details.

Just the other day the band debuted the first single “Sorceress” from the forthcoming album of the same name and I wanted to go over the track with you so you know what you are in store for. The opening part of the tune is very heavy on the keyboards and the groove has an almost Dixie Dregs sort of feel to it, well at least that was how it first hit me based on the flow. From there it morphs about quite a bit and I will tell you that this is not a “Metal” track at all and more a perfect example of Progressive Hard Rock number. Opeth has moved on in many ways from the earlier crushing dark but at the end of the day shown us just how talented their players are and how diverse. Vocally there are times when Akerfeldt reminded me of Zakk Wylde and in the latter part of the song I even felt a little Ghost type melody. Perhaps Papa and his masked minions have influenced the original influencers. You never know. It’s a tight tune and will impress you if you are a fan who has embraced the many levels of change. If you have not been among those fans then you can always go back and listen to your remasters of the early works that The End Records put out a couple of years ago. I cannot wait to hear what the rest of the album is like. For me change is good in Metal and Hard Rock. It shows we have a lot more to offer the fans.

“Sorceress” the single is available as a digital download immediately and the full album will come out on September 30th. Stay tuned for a full review of that one once we receive it.

Track Listing:
1. Sorceress

Official Website: http://www.opeth.com

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