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Sony Pictures: “Men In Black: International” NBA Finals Spots

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As a fan of the franchise and in order to keep our Pop Culture items on point, I’ve been keeping pace with the upcoming film “Men In Black: International” which will be released in theaters everywhere in mid-June. If you’d like to some of the stuff that’s been posted here already just click HERE to open up a new window with the whole shebang. Recently, I began noticing posts related to the film and associated with the NBA Playoffs and gave them a once over. Most of these clips were short and since I’ve plenty of other items to dish out to you decided to employ a trick that I did with the TV Spots for “Avengers: Endgame”. Starting with the first clip, my plan is to add any of the related subsequent clips to this particular post. At the end of the day you’ll be able to enjoy them all in once place. I do the same thing with our Comics posts when a single artist variant is revealed among a crop of other artist variants for the same title. To me it works better like this and keeps the reader engaged just a little bit longer. I’ll also add in the Theatrical Poster, premise and casting along with it so here we go now to the boards.

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Premise: A London-based team of Men in Black (MIB) secret agents become involved in a murder mystery that sends them traveling the globe. (c/o Wiki)

May 30, 2019: NBA Finals – Russell Westbrook

May 30, 2019: NBA Finals – Chris Paul

June 2, 2019: NBA Finals – Anthony Davis

June 10, 2019: NBA Finals – Urgent Distress Call

The Cast/Characters:
Chris Hemsworth as Agent H.
Tessa Thompson as Agent M.
Rebecca Ferguson
Kumail Nanjiani as Pawny
Rafe Spall
Laurent Bourgeois
Larry Bourgeois
Emma Thompson as Agent O
Liam Neeson as the head of the UK branch of MIB.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So there you have it….the NBA Playoff spots for “Men In Black: International”. I’m not going to add much in here since I am typing the closing after the first clip and not waiting until whenever the last one gets edited in. Since I don’t know when you might see it I wonder if you enjoyed them at all or were you in the absolutely lack of concern or interest in anything sports. You might laugh as I admit that I didn’t even know the names of the guys in the clips unless they were the actors in the film. I don’t follow much of any of it except for NHL Stanley Cup playoffs and that only depends on if the NY Rangers have gotten anywhere. I still haven’t seen the third film so will likely take a pass on this unless I do. I still need to see the first two “John Wick” films as well so a lot on my entertainment plate but I digress. If you loved these short clips please chime in down in the comments section below. It’s always nice to be aware that you are out there.

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