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Sony Pictures Entertainment: “The Dark Tower” (Official Trailer #2)

Back in May I shared the first official trailer for the upcoming film “The Dark Tower” which comes to life based on a series of novels by the master, Stephen King. The first week of August is when folks who loved this series will get to enjoy the big screen adaption by Sony Pictures Entertainment and just a few days ago we got the second official trailer. Let’s give this one a look see shall we?

The Premise:
Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) is an 11-year-old adventure seeker who discovers clues about another dimension called Mid-World. Upon following the mystery, he is spirited away to Mid-World where he encounters a Gunslinger, Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), who is on a quest to reach the “Dark Tower” that resides in End-World and reach the nexus point between time and space that he hopes will save all existence from extinction. But with various monsters and a vicious sorcerer named Walter Padick (Matthew McConaughey) hot on their trail, the unlikely duo find that their quest may be difficult to complete. (thanks Wiki)

The Cast:
Idris Elba as Roland Deschain/The Gunslinger
Matthew McConaughey as Walter Padick/The Man in Black
Tom Taylor as Jake Chambers
Katheryn Winnick as Laurie Chambers
Jackie Earle Haley as Sayre
Fran Kranz as Pimli
Abbey Lee Kershaw as Tirana
Michael Barbieri as Timmy
Claudia Kim as Arra Champignon
José Zúñiga as Dr. Hotchkiss
Alex McGregor as Susan Delgado
Nicholas Hamilton as Lucas Hanson
De-Wet Nagel as Taheen Tech[13]
Dennis Haysbert as Steven Deschain

PiercingMetal Thoughts: It seems that I’ve succinctly said my piece with the first trailer and so I repeat that I only know the name of this series of books and have not read a single one of them. It sounds interesting but there is only so much one can get around to after all. Though I’ve a Kindle Fire and have been trying to add more reading to the days itinerary I haven’t managed to add this series of tomes to that battle plan. The downside for me is that there are just too many “You Have To Review This Book” items piling up but the upside to that is more website content and more things for you to learn about and be excited about so I guess its a give and take. The second trailer also looks pretty damned good and while I’d really like to know more of the story before hitting it in the theaters, perhaps some friends will give me the quick “good or bad” analysis which will steer my purchase dollar. I have another month to decide since the film opens up in August. What do you readers think about this second trailer? Does it seem to fall in line with the stuff you know about if you have read the books? Let me know in the comments section below and please learn more about the upcoming film via its Wikipedia entry.

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