Slipknot’s Paul Gray Has Died: R.I.P #2 (5/24/2010)

Slipknot Bassist Paul Gray

The PiercingMetal command was saddened to learn of the death of Slipknot’s bassist Paul Gray this morning, according to the musician was found in an Iowa hotel room yesterday.  He was only 38 years of age.  No cause of death has yet been disclosed by authorities not has the band made an official statement outside of changing their website splash page to feature a photo of him onstage during their last tour.  Whatever the case may be in this, it is certain that his family, friends and fans will miss him very much. This was too young an age to leave us I will say that much.

Slipknot's Paul Gray Unmasked

Gray was a member of Slipknot from the very beginning in 1995 and in his role as bass player was referred to as both #2 and also as “The Pig”.  Having seen the band once in concert I had to say that he was a really good bass player and showman.  It’s not easy to do the kind of stuff that Slipknot does night after night so we really gave him credit for his accomplishments.  The band will have a tough time filling his shoes when the time comes to get back to work.

While we are more casual fans of the Slipknot stuff and have only seen them in concert that one time we have reviewed some of their releases and present them to you via this LINK.  As time goes forward there is always the chance for the list to grow and such the life of a website where reviews get placed.  Paul’s last album with Slipknot is entitled “All Hope Is Gone” and I am unaware as to whether or not unreleased recordings or video of Paul’s work exists but there is always the chance for that since many bands record everything they do these days for future use.  Let’s hope so in this case.

This has been a rough month and a half for the Metal community who lost several of its number with the deaths of Peter Steele (Type O Negative) in April and most notably Ronnie James Dio only a couple of weeks ago.   It’s a reminder of how fragile and short our time is on this plane so make the most of it and let’s keep those well wishes and thoughts of condolence directed at Paul’s loved ones at this time when they are most needed.

The band Slipknot can be followed via their official website HERE.

** We don’t know who took these photos that we used but they were borrowed from the websites Top Paying Ideas and Island Crisis.  If you took them we shall gladly list your name when provided.

3 thoughts on “Slipknot’s Paul Gray Has Died: R.I.P #2 (5/24/2010)”

  1. Its a major loss for not only the Metal world but a loss for anyone that knows great bass guitarists. his legendary bass playing will be remembered always.. live on…

  2. omg i wish only bad people would die, those who dont do any good! my friend died and i think i know how the rest of the slipknot band feels. :'{

  3. I was a friend of Pauls. I still think about and miss him constantly. A lot of ppl know how he was in the public eye, but I can tell you privately, he was one of the kindest most gentle people out there. If you were having problems at home and needed a place to stay, no questions asked he would insist you stay with him. If you were at all down on your luck and there was somthing he could do to help, he would. A lot of people took advantage of him for that, but even when he knew they did, he forgave them. THATS the Paul Gray I knew, a great friend who will never be forgotten and always missed.

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