Slayer & Rick Ware Racing Sponsor Car #54 at Bristol Motor Speedway

Back in the early days of July we shared the news about “The Final Campaign” which is the last leg on Slayers Farewell Tour and if you were off-planet or exploring the deep blue sea at the time and missed this news just click HERE to be up to date. This announcement is something completely different but still fun to bring to your attention. Presenting the Slayer NASCAR set of wheels.

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The Press Release:
The iconic Thrash/Punk/Metal band, and Nuclear Blast Records recording artist, Slayer, will join Rick Ware Racing as the primary sponsor on the No. 54 entry at Bristol Motor Speedway, promoting the bands Final World Tour. Piloting the Slayer Chevrolet is Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series veteran, JJ Yeley.

Slayer is an American thrash metal band from Huntington Park, California. After nearly 40 years together, the band is conducting one final world tour, The Final Campaign, The Last Leg, which takes place in several major US cities from November 2 – 30, 2019.

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“It’s exciting and awesome that Rick and the boys are wearing the Slayer banner making us a part of NASCAR history!” commented Tom Araya from Slayer.

“NASCAR racing and Slayer have a lot in common”, said King. Both are extremely fast, intense and aggressive. I can think of nothing more rad than seeing the Slayer logo on Rick’s car with JJ behind the wheel. I’m sure Disciples of everyone involved will be completely stoked on the bond between these two fierce entities!” commented Kerry King from Slayer

“I am super pumped to have the legendary metal band, Slayer, on my Rick Ware Racing No. 54 Chevrolet for one of the greatest races of the year, The Bristol night race! Being able to showcase the legacy that Slayer has created over the past 40 years is a true honor,” commented JJ Yeley.

For more information on Slayers final world tour, The Last Campaign, The Last Leg, visit their website at For up-to-date information on Rick Ware Racing and sponsorship opportunities, visit or follow along on social media; Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Now before I conclude this bit of news I should stress that I’ve only ever gone to one NASCAR race in my life and its something that I will most likely never, ever do again since it was an incredibly long day. Since I am not the biggest sports fan of any kind it seemed like a waste of my time but that being said I have friends that are absolutely crazy about the sport and go to races on a regular basis. This is pretty cool and I think that one of the toy companies should make a collectible miniature of the race car for fans to get their hands on and hide in a memento box for the rest of time. If you’re laughing at that remember that we already have had Slayer in a comic book series and I am pretty sure that Knucklebonz has a statue available or will at some point since that’s what they do. That’s all I have on this but I do wonder what you think about it so please chime in down in the comments section below. See you next time.

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