Singer Johnny Solinger Steps Away From Skid Row Vocal Tasks

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This is no April Fool’s prank as it comes a few days after that time of tomfoolery and will likely depress numerous fans of this mans voice but its true – singer Johnny Solinger has quit the band Skid Row. He replaced Sebastian Bach and has been at the microphone for fifteen years and was featured on a handful of their releases. Check out his official statement below.


“I have decided to leave SKID ROW to pursue my solo career. The past 15 years has been a great experience and I have appreciated the opportunity to be the lead singer in one of the most prominent bands of the 1990s and share stages with the likes of AEROSMITH, BON JOVI and KISS, performing in front of millions throughout the world. I wish SKID ROW the best of luck in their future pursuits.”

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Well, if that is what he wants to do then you cannot argue with him. Skid Row has not really had the best of luck keeping in the public eye as easily as they seemed to with Bach over the last bunch of years and I think that is mostly because the bands original fans were against any change. For them it was always Bach, Bach, Bach. Now I was mostly a casual fan of the band but I did catch them with Johnny on the mic and I thought he did the material fine. Yeah he didn’t sound exactly like Sebastian but who does when they replace a long time established lead singer (Arnel Pineda for Journey and Todd LaTorre for Queensryche don’t count). He was a solid front man and seemed to entertain those who were willing to be entertained by him which is never a bad thing. I wish him luck on his solo career or next band that he joins and hope to offer up some coverage about whatever he brings to the table. What do you readers think of the news? Do you think this will find Bach back in the lineup and a long hoped for bigger venue tour in the bands future? Chime in below as I’m curious about what you think.

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