Singer Jill Janus Announces “The End Of Huntress”

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If you can trust what you read on a person’s Official Facebook Page then I guess we can share that the California based Heavy Metal band “Huntress” is apparently done since their singer Jill Janus posted this this statement earlier in the day:

huntress concert photos, jill jannus, huntress, jill janus concert photos
Jill Janus w Huntress by Ken Pierce (2012)

“The end. I told ya the Huntress Trilogy would fulfill my purpose. I’m packing it up. Maiden, Mother, Crone. I struggle through life with Bipolar, Schizophrenia & Dissociative identity disorders. I beat uterine cancer with a devastating hysterectomy. I will continue to create music. On my terms. Fuck the meaningless noise and trolls. My way, forever. Suck it. Done.”

huntress concert photos, jill jannus, huntress, jill janus concert photos
Jill Janus w Huntress by Ken Pierce (2012)

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As any additional details have not yet been disclosed about this nor has any proper statement come from the bands publicity side, I guess we have only Jill’s words to run with on this matter and she sure seems serious in that quote that has been circulating. If you are a fan of the band at all I am sorry to be the one breaking the bad news to you but such are the tasks we have in this role of scribe at times. I’ve seen Huntress a handful of times over the last few years when I learned that they were on a bill and can honestly say that Janus knew how to deliver a compelling performance for the crowd. I always felt she was pretty intense up there and she does have a killer voice and presence that work together well. I wish her the best of luck in whatever she does next time around and you can of course learn more about that stuff when we do since I will post something right here. With the site now in the new format for awhile, the aspect of getting you more topical news is something I want to do as much as the other narratives. It keeps it interesting over here.


UPDATE (10/29/2015): Since the time of my posting this news item it seems as though the other members of the Huntress band have issued a statement of their own and in this they dispute Janus’s remarks and revelations. Check it out below.

“Our vocalist Jill Janus posted an announcement last night that she was having difficulty dealing with devastating health issues. Four months ago she had major surgery to remove cancer from her uterus. She needs time to fully recover from her hysterectomy and to continue treatment for her mental health issues. Her bouts with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and disassociative identity disorder have been particularly difficult lately and are ultimately responsible for her unfounded statement last night. We will resume touring in December when Huntress joins Black Label Society 12/26-12/31. Thank you for your kindness and understanding.”

PiercingMetal Thoughts (Part Deux): So clearly Jill is dealing with a number of heavy duty issues but this cannot be good for business at all. As you read this continuation of the earlier news, the original statement has been removed from her Facebook Page but that doesn’t matter at all now because once its been put out there and scores of websites such as this one have circulated it, and it will remain in place for good. I hope for all involved that Jill gets any help she can for these ills and that the band gets back to rocking as soon as possible for their fans who want them to do so. If they don’t then I am sure there are hundreds of other bands that can easily fill the void that their absence would leave. Its not aiming at being insulting but fans attention is just so damned fleeting nowadays. Good luck.

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