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Showtime Presents: “Dexter: New Blood” Exclusive Sneak Peek Trailer

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It feels like a lifetime ago when we all collectively said goodbye to our favorite serial killer “Dexter” and truth be told that series finale ending was a bit of a letdown. I think it came close to rivaling the dismay that the fans of “The Sopranos” felt with that whole fade to black thing. Yeah I realize I might have ruined that for those of you who didn’t watch it but that show has been gone even longer and you had plenty of time to catch up during the pandemic but where was I. Oh yeah, “Dexter” is returning to Showtime with a brand-new show that picks up years later where he ended up and this exclusive sneak-peek trailer was just released. Enjoy.

The Premise: Ten years after faking his death, Dexter Morgan has moved to the fictional small town of Iron Lake, New York, hiding his identity under the name of Jim Lindsay, a local shopkeeper. He has developed a relationship with Angela Bishop, the town’s chief of police, and has suppressed his serial killing urges. A string of incidents around Iron Lake causes Dexter to fear that the “Dark Passenger” within him will reveal itself.

The Cast/Characters:
Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan/Jim Lindsay
Jack Alcott as Harrison Morgan/Randall
Julia Jones as Angela Bishop
Johnny Sequoyah as Audrey
Alano Miller as Logan
Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan
Clancy Brown as Kurt Caldwell
David Magidoff as Teddy
Jamie Chung as Molly
Oscar Wahlberg as Zach
Michael Cyril Creighton as Fred Jr.
Katy Sullivan as Esther
John Lithgow as Arthur Mitchell/Trinity Killer

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Like most of the fans who watched the original “Dexter” series, I was disappointed at the finale and only hope that they somehow work around that and maybe do one of those oft-despised “dream sequences” to make some of the outcomes be not all that legitimate. Since I still have a subscription to Showtime I will be programming this on my DVR to make sure that I can watch it. I’ve been running around too much of late and I don’t always remember when things are airing. Now you might wonder if I will be keeping up with this new series in terms of the promotional clips and that answer is yes. This series falls into our demographics interests so I will keep it coming. I enjoyed the trailer and wonder where they are going to go with the series but I guess I will know soon enough. What about you readers? Did you enjoy this? Where you a fan of “Dexter” when it originally aired or did you maybe catch up during the early days of the pandemic? Chime in down below in the comments section so I know where you stand on it all. See you next time.

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